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Chapter 1

A quiet holiday begins, but little did I expect the power would go out for the entire apartment complex, just as Lucien "prophesied". Even worse, the water was cut too, so I had to go out to take care of my half-washed laundry.

Chapter 2

In the parking lot, I ran into Pete, who was out picking up a document for Lucien. On the spur of the moment, I decided to complete the task for him. When I see Lucien, a stray remark from Pete makes me take a sudden notice of Lucien.

Chapter 3

The heavy rain caused a huge traffic jam, but our conversation makes the time pleasant. Lucien's question puts me in deep thought, during which Lucien charges out the car and into the rain...

Chapter 4

I both happily and anxiously bring him back to the hotel room that the academic conference arranged for him. Lucien seemed secretly happy at my anger. I quickly ran hot water and told him to shower, but apparently he "tricked" me...

Chapter 5

I struggled to make sense of things and suddenly realized my car key was in my laundry bag, which I'd just sent out! Lucien and I raced to the laundry room to save my key. As we sat in the room, Lucien's hint made me finally realize the answer to his question. During my epiphany, I felt like Lucien brought new chemistry into my life.

General Requirements[edit]

  • Character: Lucien
  • This date also contains content that requires knowledge from or is a spoiler for Ch. None+.

Required Karma[edit]

The following SP is required to unlock the Mind's Quest and must be evolved to Tier 4 in order to view the full story.