New Light Date

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"I troubled Lucien with the program again. He could always give me advice. I gradually found different sides of him."

General Requirements[edit]

  • Character: Lucien
  • Required Intimacy: 4
  • Date Reward: Get Heroine's Moments [Warm Suns...]

Required Karma[edit]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[edit]

Section 1

Lucien volunteered to take me to the library in the countryside to do my research for my show, but his car picked now to break down.

Section 2

The bus I figured would be empty was packed like sardines. How tired Lucien looked made me feel guilty. I didn't know he knew the bus would be crowded. He even said he liked riding the bus with me. I wonder how he feels about me?

Section 3

I tripped on the bus and was sure I would kiss the floor, except he caught me. I felt safe around him. I didn't realize how tired he was, for when we got to the library, he promptly fell asleep on the desk. I followed suit, but caught him waking up and smiling sweetly at me. Oh God, I think I like him...

Section 4

I do feel bad about having to bother Lucien all the time, but he said he didn't mind at all and even liked it! He also asked me if I could teach him about love. I wasn't sure whether he wasjoking or serious...