My Sweet Love Fortune (Event)

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My Sweet Love Fortune (Event) Promo Banner.jpg

Type: Share Event
Date: 2019/08/07 - 2019/08/24

Test your love fortune and win 18-day Gem Pack bonus! Draw a Fortune Cookie every day and share it for daily reward.


Event Rules

1. Go to [Events]-> [My Sweet Love Fortune] during the event, draw lots daily to test your Love Fortune and get a blessing from a random Mr Love.

2. There are 5 kinds of Love fortune including Small Fortune, Half Fortune, Good Fortune, Big Fortune, Lifelong Promise. See the following table for all possible fortunes.

Fortune Description Reward
Half Fortune C general jewel big.png Gem x30
Small Fortune C general jewel big.png Gem x66
Good Fortune C general jewel big.png Gem x66
Big Fortune C general jewel big.png Gem x108
Lifelong Promise C general jewel big.png Gem x108

3. Get corresponding Gem Pack after sharing your love fortune of the day successfully. What’s more, you can get Lucien’s ASMR for free after you accumulatively share love fortune over 7 days.

4. You can receive up to Gem*108 in a Gem Pack when you get a Lifelong Promise love fortune and share it successfully.

Event Sharing

1. Login EVERY DAY to test&share your love fortune, after which you can get a Gem Pack of the day.

2. Blessings of each male character are different, share what he said to you every day during the event with us!

3. No matter what love fortune you draw, it would be the sweetest love draw as long as you receive Mr Love’s blessing.