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List of songs from the game album. All songs were written and composed by the artist V.K克.

File Name Description Audio
01_Title.wav Title Music
02_Task.wav Stage Mission Music
03_Daily.wav Story "Daily" Music
04_Normal.wav Story "Normal" Music
05_Dream.wav Story Dream Cutscene Music
06_Love.wav Story "Love" Music
07_Romantic.wav Story "Romantic" Music
08_Tension.wav Story "Tension" Music
09_Suspect.wav Story "Suspect" Music
10_Happy_Family.mp3 Story "Happy Family" Music
11 Sorrow LongEnding Ver.mp3 Story "Sorrow" Music (Long Version)
12_Sorrow_Short_Ver.wav Story "Sorrow" Music (Short Version)
13_Mail_tone_off.mp3 Alternate Title Music during Story
14_Celesta_Solo.mp3 Right Beside You Music
15_Splendid.mp3 Story "Splendid" Music
16_Darkness.mp3 -
17_Tension02.mp3 Story "Tension" Version 2 Music
18_Sorrow_love.mp3 Story "Sorrow love" Music
19_Daily02.mp3 Story "Daily" Version 2 Music
20_Dangerous.mp3 Music found in ads for the Mr. Love game and during story.
20_SeaSide.mp3 Cape Holiday Event Music
21_Mail_tone_off02.mp3 Alternate Title Music
22 Despair.mp3 Story "Despair" Music
23_Lonely.mp3 -
24_Romantic_Quiet.mp3 -
25_Romantic_Quiet_MAS.mp3 -
26_Romantic_Quiet_MMO.mp3 -
27_Double_Seventh.mp3 Romantic Holiday Event Music
28_Double_Seventh02.mp3 Romantic Holiday Event Music
29_Memory.mp3 -
30_WarmSnow.mp3 -
31_Choice.mp3 -
32_Choice_MMO.mp3 -
33_Wedding.mp3 Here Comes the Groom Event Music
34_Epic.mp3 -
35_DS_Jazz.mp3 -
36_BC_Story.mp3 -
37_Back_To_World.wav -
38_Vampire.wav Night Chant Event Music
39_Vampire_Romance.wav Night Chant Event Music
40_Produce_My_LOVE.wav Achievement - Daily Companion IX Music
41_LX_birthday.wav -
42_Echo_of_Fate.wav -
42_Echo_of_Fate_CUT.wav -
44_Chinese_Wedding.wav Candlelit Night Event Music
45_Trajectory_of_Dawn.wav -
46_Split_in_Black.wav -
47_Warm_Daily.wav -
48_Quiet_Daily.wav -
49_Disney.wav -
49_Disney_Gacha.wav -
101_LiZeyan.mp3 Victor Theme Music
102_LiZeyan_MMO.wav Victor Theme Music
103_LZY.mp3 Victor Theme Music
104_LZYTipsy.mp3 Victor Theme Music
LiZeYan Season 2 BGM.mp3 Victor Theme Music
201_XuMo.wav Lucien Theme Music
202_XuMo_MMO.mp3 Lucien Theme Music
203_XM.mp3 Lucien Theme Music
204_Affectionate_Scene.wav Lucien Theme Music
XuMoLucien Season 2 BGM.mp3 Lucien Theme Music
301_ZhouQiluo.wav Kiro Theme Music
302_ZhouQiluo_MMO.mp3 Kiro Theme Music
303_ZQL.mp3 Kiro Theme Music
304_ZQL_SingforYou.mp3 Kiro Theme Music
ZhouQiLuo Season 2 BGM.mp3 Kiro Theme Music
401_BaiQi.mp3 Gavin Theme Music
402_BaiQi_MMO.wav Gavin Theme Music
403_BQ.mp3 Gavin Theme Music
404_Hazy_Starry_Night.wav Gavin Theme Music
BaiQi Season 2 BGM.mp3 Gavin Theme Music
41_thunder_and_bass.wav Shaw Theme Music
LingXiao Season 2 BGM.mp3.mp3 Shaw Theme Music
PW_0_title.mp3 -
PW_1_QuiteNight.mp3 -
PW_2_Grant.mp3 -
PW_3_Sacred.mp3 -
PW_3_Sacred_Obscure.mp3 -
PW_4_Warm.mp3 -
PW_5_Suspect.mp3 -
PW_6_Battle.mp3 -
PW_7_MonsterNest.mp3 -
PW_8_MysteryMelody.mp3 -
PW_9_WarmMemory.mp3 -
PW_10_Spirited.mp3 -
PW_11_PowerfulLove.mp3 -
303_Back_in_black.mp3 -
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