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Date: 2019/11/20 - 2019/12/04

Memory is like a maze, where you wander and explore, for every little thing from your past.

Details[ ]

🎞Part I: Get Limited Karma in Memory Slot🎞

The solemn vows you together made, That pair of gentle eyes disillusioned, The familiar smile vanishing from the face, That drop of a tear on the edge of hopeless eyes, There's no time's end, but the past you share and the future you behold.

◼️Event Content:

⭐During the event, go to "Memory Slot" from the main menu "Memory Maze". ⭐Select one of the limited Karmas to make wish when you first log into "Memory Maze". ⭐Use [Crystal Bottle] to redeem [Square Token]. When redeeming [Square Token], you can find 4 slots related to the Karma in the "Memory Slot". ⭐[Square Token] can be used to redeem Karma Shards in the Memory Maze Store.


1. You can only get Shards of the 4 limited Karmas in "Memory Slot", Shards of other Karmas are not available during this event. 2. When using [Crystal Bottle] to find slots, extra Shards are rewarded when the Wish Karma is the same as two or more slots. 3. You can change your Wish Karma manually at any time. 4. You can use Gems to buy [Crystal Bottle] at Evol Supply.

🎞Part II: Explore Maze🎞

Reality and illusion mingling, The truth seems close but unreachable. In the inexhaustible exploration, Can you find the answer deep in your heart?

◼️Event Content:

⭐Go to [Explore Maze] from the main menu [Memory Maze] during this event. ⭐Complete shooting missions in "Explore" to get items [Round Token] & [Exploring Pts]. ⭐Get [Obsidian Key] after you reach certain [Exploring Pts] levels. And use [Obsidian Key] to unlock stories behind the 4 male characters in Chapter 15-18 in "Box World" for free. ⭐Use [Round Token] to redeem [Gold], [Stamina], [Confess Wish], items used to evolve the limited Karmas and other useful resources. ⭐Use Gem or [Mystery Note] to get mission attempts. ⭐When you reach the specified Exploring Pts levels, you can also obtain [Galaxy Wish Coupon]*10, [Gold*120,000] and other rich rewards.


1. There are 2 stories for each male character in "Box World". Producers can unlock up to 8 stories in "Explore Maze" -> "Box World". 2. You can automatically unlock buff when you get the event-limited Karma of the "Memory Maze", with which you can get more [Round Token] and [Exploring Pts] from the mission drops. 3. When you get enough buff, you may unlock all stories in "Box World" and get all [Exploring Pts]levels' rewards for free. 4. You can use [Square Token] to redeem [Mystery Note] at Memory Maze Store. 5. Mission attempts in "Explore Maze" will not reset daily during this event. 6. The difficulty of shooting missions will gradually increase in the "Explore Maze". The more difficult the shooting mission is, the more [Round Token] & [Exploring Pts] are dropped.

🎞Part III: Bonus Mail for Memory Maze🎞

◼️You'll receive a bonus mail including [Mystery Note]*180 for Memory Maze event when you first log into Loveland during this event.

🎞Event-Limited Packs at Evol Supply🎞

- $0.99 New Chapters Deal(Purchase Limit:1) Get [Gem*50, Gold*25000, Crystal Bottle*3]

- Premium Pulls Pack(Purchase Limit:1) Get [Crystal Bottle*10]

- Maze Signpost Pack Get [Crystal Bottle*12]

- Abyss Gaze Pack(Purchase Limit:8) Get [Gem*550, Gold*40000, Confess Wish*20]

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