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I woke up bright and early this morning.
MC: Thinking of visiting Kiro today, I found it a bit hard to fall asleep...
And surprisingly, I had an interesting dream.
I checked the message on my phone, checking to make sure what happened yesterday wasn't an illusion.
Yesterday night
Kiro: Found you, Miss Chips.
I rubbed my eyes, subconsciously thinking I must have seen something wrong.
But Kiro's avatar is still there on my message list, with that big V beside his name.
What? Is there anything wrong with being followed by a superstar?
MC: Will... people dox me on the internet? Will I be able to work as usual tomorrow?
I posted some content about Miracle Finder before... I hope it won't affect the show.
I took a deep breath, prepared to face any possible backflash, and th I tapped to see the 99+ comments.
Ro's Heart: Hey, Kiro followed the producer of Miracle Finder. Will I see my favorite star on my favorite show?
Others: Looking for a ticket! Who has a ticket to Miracle Finder?
Watermelon in Summer: I love this! Are you recruiting staff? I have a college degree.
Everyone is talking about Miracle Finder. What a relief.
And now that I think about it, ever since Kiro started in the business, he's never had any negative press.
Public opinion never goes sour on anything connected to him.
Paparazzi: Kiro Escorts Girl to Hotel Late at Night. Pics & It Did Happen.
Comment: Kiro is so considerate. So late, and he still makes sure his staff gets to their hotel safely.
Paparazzi: Exclusiv! Kiro Caught Napping on Film Set!
Comment: Kiro has been working so hard. He really needs some rest. He looks so cute while he's sleeping.
Comment: Our Kiro has a right to act like a diva. I'd watch him diva it up all day long!
MC: He's like a little sun with no dark spot at all.
MC: No wonder people say he has a superpower. He really is loved by everybody...
I felt it myself today.
I thought a while and replied to Kiro's message.
MC: I still can't believe it... Are you really Kiro?
Befor long, he replied.
Kiro: Of course it's me. I bet you were really surprised...
MC: Yeah, really... but how did you find me?
Kiro: That is a superhero's secret. I cannot reveal it, even to you.
MC: ...Fine, whatever.
MC: Still thanks for following me. It's brought quite a few fans to Miracle Finder.
Kiro: That's because Miracle Finder is a great show! My fans and I have great taste.
MC: Haha, what a loyal following.
Kiro: Can you tell me what's gonna be on the next show?
MC: Top secret! Otherwise you wouldn't watch the new episode.
And actually... recently I haven't had much time to work on Miracle Finder. I'm not too clear on that myself.
Kiro: Has something happened?
MC: Well... right now I have this variety show in the planning stages. It's a bit thorny...
As soon as I think about that hopeless show play, I feel discouraged.
Kiro: A variety show?
MC: Yeah, so?
Kiro: Do you want to visit me tomorrow? I'll be taping Project X.
MC: Project X?! Really?
It's the most popular variety show in recent years.
It's dominated its time slot for so long. Quite rare for this genre.
It seems that they never run out of interesting ideas.
To be able to visit a recording of that show? If it was a dream, I'd wake up laughing.
Kiro: Absolutely. Let me send you the address.
My mood always gets better after a talk with Kiro.
MC: I should let Anna know that I'm going on a set visit tomorrow.
I dialed Anna's number.
Anna: Project X?! Visiting Kiro?! At this time of night-- are you sure you're not sleep talking?
MC: ...Check social media. I'm a bit of an internet celebrity now.
Anna: ...
Anna: You... Alright. But don't forget that we don't have one word written for that show plan yet.
MC: Yeah, but visiting the hottest show on TV shoud give me some inspiration, right?
Anna: Oh, right. City News wants us to work with them long-term. Might as well try to dig up some juicy storied.
Anna: Loveland TV is our most important client right now. Keep that in mind.