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1 p.m. Loveland Police Department

MC: Hi, officer. I'm a special correspondent for City News. I'm looking for officer Gavin.

Middle aged man: Gavin? Are you sure?

MC: Yes... Officer Gavin. What's wrong?

Middle aged man: Listen sweetie, just for your own good... Did you maybe get on someone's bad side at work?

MC: Ah?

Middle aged man: Your supervisor wants you to meet Gavin. Maybe he's trying to punish you!

The middle aged officer looked around then whispered to me.

Middle aged man: Last week this officer Gavin was suddenly transferred in. I thought he was gonna get his act together, but...

Middle aged man: He hasn't done any real work yet! The other day I saw him talking to some local hood on the street. *Tsk, tsk*

Middle aged man: The chief doesn't dare give him any cases-

MC: Re- really? What's that all about?

Middle aged man: Word around the office is he's the son of one of the higher ups.

Middle aged man: (Looks around and whispers) Just think, if he's some big shot's boy... We should just stay away!

Middle aged man: So what I suggest to you is, go back to your office and dump this assignment on someone else!

??: Officer Landsman, just who were you saying is a "big shot's boy"?

The voice made officer Landsman jump.

Middle aged man: Hey! officer Gavin... Nothing! She's just looking for you and you weren't here.

I looked back. A tall guy wearing all denim was walking over.

Even without the uniform, he still gives off a strong, uptight feeling.

He fixed his eyes on me, making me feel a little afraid.

He somewhat impishly raised the corners of his mouth in a smile.

Gavin: MC, do you remember me?

He stood still before me and I remembered a face that was younger but also more untamed.

And a crumpled, blood soaked letter.

Suddenly I wanted to flee. Seems all the uneasy feelings these past few days were pointing to this moment.

MC: Gavin... from school?

Gavin. A notorious problem student back in my high school. More of a gangster than a student.

There were a lot of rumors about him. Arrogant, callous. He even fought a PE teacher.

In our school, nobody would dare to speak to him.

I never took the rumors seriously, until one day I saw him corner a boy in the alley behind the school-

To this day, those cold, steely eyes still make me shudder.

What's more, later there was that horrible letter...

Gavin: Anything wrong?

MC: No, nothing. Just never though you would be a cop one day.

But from what the old cop said, he's not a straight arrow officer either for sure...

Gavin: Surprised? You probably thought I would be in a jail rather than a police station, right?

He was smiling, but I felt only coldness enveloping me...

* Deny instantly

MC: What are you talking about?! It's just such a coincidence meeting you.

Gavin: You think this is a coincidence?

MC: ??

Gavin: Forget it. Why should we talk about that anyway? Let's go.

* Nod in acknowledgement

MC: A little... After all, back in high school, you were a bit of a... celebrity.

Gavin: So that's why you stood me up?

MC: What? Stood up? I never stood you up!

He looked at me with raised eyebrows, but said nothing.

Gavin: Let's go.

MC: To where?

Gavin took a glance back.

Gavin: To investigate.

MC: Oh, okay.

I can't say no, so I just follow along as best I can.

Gavin is tall and he walks fast. I almost have to run to keep up.

MC: G-Gavin! Where are we going? I still have no idea what this is about...

He turned back, giving me a folder.

Gavin: Once we're on the road, you can take a look at it.

I took the folder obediently and then I found he had slowed his pace considerably.

Is he slowing down for me? I felt a little surprised. Gavin: If you need to shoot other shows in the future, you can come to me.

MC: Thank you, Gavin.

Gavin would be great on camera... but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to invite him on.



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