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MC: It's easy to bluff, but what on earth is a plan that will make Victor regret...

Facing the empty screen, I feel desperate.

MC: Does such a thing... even really exist...

I let my body fall onto the desk, hopelessly.

Anna: MC, our filmmakers license has finally been issued.

MC: Why did we apply for that...

Anna: You forgot? It was half a year ago! You were trying to contact some young directors to do short films!

MC: Oh...

MC: One week... What can we do with that? We're not going to make payroll next month... *sob*

Anna: And now, the other investors know all about the drama between us and LFG. Nobody will back us now.

I looked up at her with a pathetic look on my face.

MC: Anna... It's all my fault...

Anna: Okay, okay. Go to the show meeting. Think about something else. It's not the end of the world!

MC: Yeah... What show do we still have to make?

Anna: Ah! Sorry, dear. You probably don't have time for meetings.

Anna: This morning, we received a special assignment, and they specifically wanted you to be the producer.

MC: Now of all times? A new project? No kidding?

Anna: And it's a special report for City News!

MC: The City News? The flagship show of Loveland TV? They always do their own assignments.

Anna: I don't know the details, but the call came from Chief director Yuan. You weren't in yet, so I accepted it for you.

MC: A call from the chief director himself? What a valuable assignment.

Holding the file for the piece, I suddenly thought of something.

MC: Oh! If we do this, then we might get assignments long term for Loveland TV?

Anna: Hmm... Maybe?

MC: Isn't this what I've been looking for?! A plan that will make Victor regret!

Anna: Will it really work?

MC: No idea... but we can have a try!

MC: Gosh, this couldn't have come at a better time. How great!

Anna: I hope it works! They asked that you start today. Here, this is your contact at the police station.

Anna handed over a memo.

On the memo was written: Gavin, police officer, Loveland Police Department, Tel: 18xxxxxxxx

MC: Gavin... The name sounds a little familiar...

MC: I don't know why but I suddenly feel a little scared...

Anna: Relax. He's a cop, not a criminal.