Main Story (Normal): 2-19

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All the way until we parted ways outside my home, I held back the question.
Were you the one who made the gingko leaves fly outside the piano room back in high school?
I looked at the gingko chain on my wrist. It glittered warmly in the setting sun.
Though I know I'm in danger, I'm not panicking for some reason.
The breeze caresses me, giving me a feeling of peace.
MC: And I'm supposed to be some kind of Evolver? ...Right now it feels so untrue.
I never thought some day I would get involved in such things.
Why do they want to kill me?
Just because I have the Evol gene?
Why didn't Gavin want to tell me?
I should ask him later... when we get to know each other a little better.
MC: My dad was so into these superpowers. Is it possible that it's because of me?
The thought grabbed me and I couldn't think about anything else. I ran for dad's notebook
I'd read the notebook many times before, but I never did it from this perspective.
This time, I noticed many things that didn't attract my attention before.
MC: My dad used to take me to the set of Miracle Finder a lot...
MC: Was he trying to tell me that Evolvers and normal people aren't any different?
MC: Their lives are filled with joy and sorrow. They also pursue their own happiness.
As my thoughts drift, a photo slips from among the pages.
MC: A photo in the notebook? Why haven't I noticed it before?
An old one. A lonely building in the suburbs. A crooked sign on the doorway-- Twin Leaves Orphanage.
MC: It feels familiar somehow...
I took the photo back to my room. Together with the work memo, I pinned them on my note board.
Right then, my cell phone rang.
MC: Kiki? It's so late. What's happened?
Kiki: Boss!! You-- You're famous!
Totally confused, I opened my social media-- I'm stunned instantly.
My inbox and followers have exploded!
All the messages are about Kiro. I open his home page.
Seeing his Following list in the bottom left corner, I almost fainted.
My avatar was right there.
Kiro followed me!
This isn't a fake account is it...
I refreshed the page, and his verified badge and number of fans told me it really was him.
I was stunned and suddenly at a total loss for what to do.
Just then, my phone buzzed. I received a private message from a friend.
Kiro: Found you, Miss Chips.