Main Story (Normal): 2-16

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I walked out of LFG, took out my phone, and saw the message that Kiki sent in the studio's chat group
Kiki: A-list idol helplessly addicted to variety show, makes such a ridiculous post on social media.
Kiro: I wish I could "fold space" and transport back home!
Attached is a selfie of Kiro at an award ceremony. His expression in the photo is both uncomfortable and cute.
Except for posts from supporters saying he's a shoe-in, the majority is 'Lol Kiro Hooked on Miracle Finder!'
As I walked down the street, I laughed aloud and posted a comment.
  • Make Superpower Comment
Reply Comment: You must have the superpower to make others smile.
A reply notice pops up right after it's sent.
Netizen: Well said! If superpowers really exist, then Kiro's gotta have one!
I laugh, remembering the words I heard outside Trade Tower.
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Reply Comment: Cream always rises to the top! Congrats in advance!
A reply notice pops up right after it's sent.
Netizen: Who's this? Someone with great taste, just like me.
When I put my phone back and looked up again, I went blank.
The light of the setting sun descends upon a deserted alley. It's so quiet and beautiful.
I don't know where I am or how I came to be here.
No. It's... that dream!
Thinking of the dagger at the end of the dream and its cold gleam, I couldn't help shivering.
I can hardly control the urge to run away, but I manage to remain calm.
MC: There's no way out of this alley. Running is useless.
I distinctly sensed something peculiar and turned towards the deep shadow of the alley behind me.
??: Heh, heh. An Evolver after all. Very keen senses.
Evolver again... Why does everyone think I am an Evolver?
MC: Who are you?
The falling sunlight fell upon the man in the shadow.
Mystery Man: What a pity. You won't experience the moment when your Evol awakens.
Mystery Man: Time to die.
He drew a dagger and approached me.
I retreated step by step, my heart beating faster and faster. What should I do?
MC: Are you the one behind all the space-folding incidents?
I tried to talk to buy me some time.
Mystery Man: Uh-huh, pretty smart, eh?
MC: You were practicing? To kill me today?
Mystery Man: Don't think I don't know what you're sp to. But sorry, in my space, no one will come to interrupt--
Just then, a wind arose in the quiet alley. The man's expression changed.
Flashback Lucien: When you are in danger, trust your instincts.
Without hesitation, I ran in the direction the wind was coming from.
The man with the blade gave chase.
Gavin's Voice: MC, jump!
I jumped. The wind got stronger and stronger and lifted me into the air.


The scene of the alley below was scattered in the wind.
Under the setting sun, the sky is warm and fuzzy.
I'm in the arms of Gavin.
His arms are strong and warm, calming my throbbing heart instantly.
The light of the setting sun made his face appear so handsome that I dared not look at him.
This high above the city, it's a bit cool, but his embrace is warm...
Gavin: Are you alright?
MC: I'm fine... I'm just a bit confused!
Gavin returned me to the ground. He looked in the direction of the mystery killer, still afraid.
Gavin: Don't worry. The killer has been caught.
When I was sure I was safe, I finally came back to myself, and a flood of questions rushed in.
MC: What is this Evolver he was talking about? Do they really exist?
MC: Why did he say I am an Evolver?
MC: Why did he want to kill me?
MC: How did you know I was in danger? Are you an Evolver too?
Gavin: ...
When I realized I was rattling off questions like crazy, I shut my mouth and stepped 2 meters back.
Gavin: I didn't want to tell you this, but the enemy is attacking out in the open now, so it's better to let you know.
Gavin: What I'm about to say may sound surprising, but it's all true.
Gavin: And, you already know a thing or two about Evol, right?
MC: I heard something... about a crazy scientist.
MC: Even if something crazy like Evol really exist, what... what about enemies?
Gavin: These enemies appeared long ago, it's just, you never noticed.
Gavin: You remember the car accident? It was no accident, and these guys are from the same organization.
Gavin: As to the reason why they want you dead... Right now, I can't tell you.
MC: !!
MC: The accident two weeks ago!!
MC: That wasn't an accident? Then the one who saved me...
Gavin: Victor? I never imagined he would save you like that.
MC: You know him?
Gavin: I knew him when we were kids, is all. I don't really know him.
Gavin's expression revealed great distaste, like he really didn't like knowing Victor.
Gavin knew Victor... and things about Evolvers...
I thought of what that middle-aged police officer said.
MC: You... are not a real police officer?
Gavin: I'm not a run-of-the-mill cop. That's why you got that assignment from Loveland TV, so I could protect you.
MC: You...
Gavin: I knew they were targeting you.
Gavin: (Meditatively) You have the Evol gene, it seems to be related to precognition.
MC: Precognition...?
Gavin: Think back. Have you seen any omens lately? They could take any form.
I instantly thought of my dreams.
MC: I-- I dreamed about it. The alley, the dagger, exactly like what just happened.
Gavin: It's awakening...
MC: So you mean, I have the Evol gene, and it's starting to express itself?
Gavin: You can think of it that way.
MC: So what about you...? Are you an Evolver too?


Gavin only smiled widely. Wind blew through the roses on the side of the road, petals dancing in the air.
The dancing petals overlapped with the gingko leaves from my memory.
My heart skipped a beat.
MC: Gavin... You...
Gavin: You asked how I knew you were in danger.
Gavin: As long as you're in the wind, I can sense you.