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In the following days, I was constantly busy sorting out materials and plans for the special news piece.

Fully absorbed in my work, that uneasy feeling seemed lifted from me.

The feature "Folded Distance" collaboration by Miracle Finder and City News successfully aired.

A special news piece with a Miracle Finder flair certainly piqued the interest of a lot of people.

The episode snagged an all-time high of playbacks and became a hot topic of conversation.

The number of followers of Hollow's feed even sky-rocketed from 10k to 200k.

The next time I left home was the day I had to deliver that report to LFG.

Though quite nervous, I have to face this myself.

No matter what, this is my last chance.

Loveland Financial Group

MC: Hey? Why is Goldman not here again? I made an appointment today!

LFG Staff: Hey, you again.

The staff looked at me, trying not to laugh.

I guess what happened that day is still watercooler talk at LFG. I felt a little flushed.

MC: I came to report to the CEO...

LFG Staff: Goldman is probably working on something else. Please wait at the door of the CEO's office.

I waited at the door as told.

The door opened earlier than I thought--and the person coming out was not Victor.

Instead it was a hot figure in haute couture, with a sexy face. He collar-- and lipstick-- a little disheveled.

Then those limpid eyes that the whole world could fall in love with were levelled at me.

It was the winner of Best New Supporting Actress-- Chik!

What is she doing walking out of Victor's office like this?

Chik looked askance at me.

Chik: This is the CEO's office. What are you doing here?

MC: I'm on the head of MC Company. I'm Here to deliver a work report...

Chik: Enough. I don't wanna hear your clumsy excuses.

Well you asked, didn't you?

Chik: MC Company... So you're MC? Hehe, I heard about the stupid things you did.

Chik: I warn you. Don't harbor any unrealistic fantasies about Victor.

Apparently, Chik misunderstood something. She seethed with hostility at me.

Chik: He. Is. Mine.

Leaving me no chance to explain, Chik pompously strode off.

...So there was something going on between Victor and this superstar after all.

Is this an unspoken "business arrangement"? Or a secret love that they don't want others to know about?

Getting gossip on Victor firsthand... countless possibilities flashed through my mind.

If I mess up with the report... Is it possible to threaten him with this?

Then I thought of Victor's chilling face, and I instantly trashed the idea.

The door was left open. I took a look inside.


Victor is frowning, seemingly worrying about something--and his tie is loosened.

No way. He's not in a good mood. Perhaps they were quarreling just now?

Not a good time for anything...

  • Be Brave
MC: But here I am. I knocked on the door bravely.
MC: Sir, may I come in?
Victor took a look at me and his brow unfurrowed.
Victor: Come in.
  • Choose Another Time
MC: I'd better leave. Come back later and see if his mood has changed.
As I was turning away, Victor's voice sounded behind me.
Victor: Who's there? Come in


I carefully reminded him.

MC: Your tie--

Victor looked down and hurriedly fixed his tie. Then he stopped, seeming to think of something.

Victor: When... did you get here?

MC: When Chik was leaving.

He frowned again. I rushed to explain myself before he could speak.

MC: Sorry for the misunderstanding! I will find a chance to explain it to her!

Victor: Why do you care about Chik's opinion so much?

MC: ...Of course I do!

Victor thought a moment, and then his forehead furrowed, like he had just understood something.

Victor: There is nothing between her and me. Don't go around spreading any rumors.

MC: Ah?

But that's totally different from what I saw.

...But actually, it's true that there's never been a peep of gossip about a romance between Victor and Chik.

And Chik has always said publicly that she's single...

MC:Oh! Rest assured, sir, I won't say a thing!... I will keep it to myself.

Victor: You'll keep what to yourself? You have nothing to keep.

MC: Right, right. I know nothing.

Victor: ...

MC: Err, so, is there something I should know?

Victor frowned again.

Victor: Forget it. Why are you here?

I adjusted my posture, trying to make myself more serious.

MC: I've come to deliver--the report that will make you regret.

Victor: Ah, go ahead then.

As soon as I had started, Victor interrupted me.

Victor: Did you produce that feature for City News?

Victor is obviously interested!

MC: Yes! We had a pleasant collaboration and are in talks to make it long-term.

Victor: So even on the edge of bankruptcy, you can talk collaboration with a TV station?

MC: ...

MC: Because I know that I can definitely make you regret it.

MC: And then LFG's investment is sure to be mine!

I held my chin up, trying to appear more confident.

Victor seemed very relaxed, yet still exuding an air of dominance. He looked at me, giving a quiet laugh.

Victor: If I invest in you, how long will it take to monopolize film and TV production from the 4 major TV stations?

What an ambitious question. Even so, I can't let him think less of me.

MC: Five years.

If I can get through this current predicament, I can at least give it my best shot.

Victor: Too slow.

MC: What? The enterprise reform of Loveland TV alone will take 5 years!

Victor: Two years.

Victor seems happy now.

MC: How? Nobody can do that!

Victor: If you can't the leave here.

MC: ...

I already made it this far. How can I give up now?

MC: Three... and a half years.

Victor picked up the phone.

MC: Wait! Two years... two years!

Victor: Good. TO our partnership, then!

The man in front of me built the LFG empire in 8 years.

That was also something impossible. If he did it, then there's no reason I can't too.

Victor: The investment approval procedure will be initiated next week.

Victor: The first step of your two-year grand plan is to pass LFG's investment approval process.

MC: ...Wh, what? Do we have to go through that?

Victor: If you can't even get approved, then just give up now.

Victor: And remember what I said, I won't save you a second time.

MC: ...Don't underestimate me. MC Company will pass!

Victor: Great. Then I'll see you later.

MC: Can I have one condition?

Victor: What is it?

MC: Can we invite you as a guest on one of MC Company's future shows?

Victor: Why ask for that?

MC: Just taking the opportunity to amass more useful resources for my studio, of course.

Victor: Okay. I will.