Main Story (Normal): 2-11

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Then my phone rang.

MC: Excuse me...

Gavin looked at me, his eyes saying, "How could you forget to turn off your phone during an interrogation?"

His look shook me, and I backed out of there like I was running away.

Lucien: MC, can you see the sky?

Why is he asking me this?

MC: Um... yes.

Lucien: Can you find the direction of the research center?

MC: Hang on. Let me see...

I had no idea what was up, but I started looking anyway.

MC: Yes... It should be this way. I found it.

Lucien: Keep looking that way and look at the sky.

The next moment, I saw a touch of rose red appear in the distance. The light then spread far and wide.

Lucien: Did you see it?

MC: Yes! How beautiful! What is that?

Lucien: An interesting experiment. It finally worked out today.

MC: How did you do that?

Lucien: Have you ever heard of "space folding"?

MC: To fold space like folding a piece of paper?

Lucien: Yes, very similar. Once folded, two formerly remote points on the paper, will be very close.

Lucien: When it comes to the sky, the friction of the atmosphere will burst out in radiant light, like an aurora.

MC: Wow, incredible. So science is capable of that now?

Lucien didn't answer, but I could already see his smiling face in my mind.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

MC: Um... So using this space folding, could one conceivably cross the city in 10 minutes?

Lucien: I cannot simply say yes or no. But it is possible, Is this content for a new show.

MC: Yes. It's a special news piece, though I think it's better suited for Miracle Finder.

Lucien: Don't worry. Any special news piece you make will be special indeed.

I don't know why, but Lucien's words really boosted my confidence.

MC: Thank you. I will try my best...

Lucien: Today, people from Miracle Finder came to discuss plans for the next show. At first, I wanted them to leave.

MC: Why? What happened?

Lucien: I thought you would come yourself.

I couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed.

MC: I'm so sorry. I got an urgent assignment.

Lucien: More important than me?

MC: (Blushing, hurriedly explaining) That's not what I meant! I'll come myself next time!

Lucien: But only for fresh ideas for new shows?

MC: Professor Lucien... when I talk with you, I always stick my foot in my mouth...

Lucien laughed aloud.

Lucien: Now I'm feeling better. I can talk with your director about the show now.

MC: Thanks...

Then there was a short pause.

Lucien: Recently, have you felt any... Premonitions?

MC: I have been feeling a little uneasy... Why?

I don't know why, but I feel this is what he was really calling me for.

Lucien: If you run into any danger, do as I have told you.

Lucien seems to know what my unease is pointing to, but he doesn't come out and say it.

Is it because he thinks we're being listened in on?

When we first met... those words--he seemed to know something already even then.

MC: Thanks. I'll keep it in mind.