Main Story (Normal): 2-10

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What Gavin and I are investigating is a recent spate of several missing person cases in the city.

Actually,the missing people have all returned... And it's they themselves who contacted the police.

What's strange is, according to their reports, these women were all taken while on their way home.

I was almost falling off the back of his motercycle, but I didn't dare grab on to him for support.

On the bike, I held the files with one hand and grasped the rack behind me with the other hand.

I was on the verge of tears in the wind. I never expected we'd be "on the road" on a motorbike!

And driving this fast too!

Gavin's voice wafted over his shoulder.

Gavin: ...Missing at Flower Fair. 10 minutes later... on Verdant Plaza--

MC: Gavin, the wind is too loud. I can't hear anything!

He turned back and spoke to me.

Gavin: I said, from Flower Fair to Vendant Plaza is 23 kilometers. How did he cover the distance?

MC: Gavin, watch the road!

Startled, I grasped his shoulders involuntarily.

I seemed to hear Gavin laugh. He said nothing more, just drove the motorbike even faster.

My vision was blurred, and I couldn't say anything. I just held my body tightly to his back.

Gavin: We're here. You can get off.

I stepped off with numb feet.

MC: So quickly?

Gavin: Here's one of the women who filed a report. Hollow, 23, unemployed.

Gavin: It happened at 6:30 pm in Flower Fair. She had bought a pastry, went out, turned left, and found herself lost.

Gavin: Our appointment with Hollow is at 1:30 pm. We have 20 minutes still. Let's ask around first.

MC: Uh, okay.

Disoriented, I held the crumpled files, feeling something was not right somehow.

I arrived at the police station at 1 pm, and now it's 1:10 pm, and we're at Flower Fair?!

My head suddenly clears. I'm holding onto the files, in utter shock.

I didn't have much time to start panicking though, because Hollow, phone in hand, appeared ahead of time.

Hollow: Officer Gavin. I haven't been able to sleep recently... *sob*...

Hollow: Surely it's somebody jealous of me for my beauty and fortune... Thank you for the flowers, "HolowFan83"...

Gavin: Turn off the live stream.

Hollow: *Sob* Officer Gavin-- (Hollow is suddenly intimidated by his face) Alright, I'm turning it off...

That cold expression of Gavin's, just like back in high school...

Hollow wasn't such a smooth talker to begin with, but she was even more muddled after that scare by Gavin.

Hollow: Officer Gavin, I'm so scared... I have no idea what happened...

Hollow: My parents and bodyguards are not here. They are all living overseas... I'm so alone and helpless...

Gavin interrupted her impatiently.

Gavin: Did you get lost after you walked out of the show and turned right? Give us the details.

Hollow: I can't recall... I've never been to that street... and there was no signal either. My live stream was cut off.

I thought of something instantly.

MC: Did you notice anybody strange at that time?

Gavin took a glance at me after hearing the question.

Completely ignoring my question, Hollow kept whining to Gavin.

Hollow: Officer Gavin, luckily I saw you... These days, I'm so scared my skin is starting to break out...

Gavin: Answer the question.

Hollow: Officer Gavin. I was too scared to notice anything...

Hollow didn't even acknowledge my existence. I was starting to feel quite awkward.