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The light of the sunset descends upon a deserted alley, beautiful and quiet.

I walked alone there.

I didn't know where the place was or why I was there, and I failed to find an exit even after a long walk.

The alley seemed endless.

Somehow, I felt something strange as I turned back.

A sharp dagger stabbing from behind!

The blade reflected the golden light of the sunset! I was about to panic when a breeze blew the scene away.

In the pure white dream, a ginkgo leaf slowly floated in and landed on my palm.

I wake up from a dream.

A breeze rustles the curtain, letting in the morning sunshine. All is quiet and bright.

MC: Phew... It was a dream.

I patted my chest, trying to calm down. But the strange feeling didn't go away completely.

MC: Ever since that car accident happened, I haven't had that dream from my childhood...

MC: Have I been having too many dreams recently?

MC: These past few days, I've always felt a little uneasy...

But I mustn't dwell too much on strange dreams. After all, I have a studio to save...

Thinking of the funding withdrawal made me think about what happened that day at LFG.

Two days ago. Loveland Financial Group.

I couldn't help standing up instantly.

Goldman: (In despair) Sir, this is the head of [Company name]. She's here about the funding withdrawal.

I gathered myself, but there wasn't time to overthink it, so I just started explaining.

MC: Actually, the last episode of Miracle Finder got a great response.

MC: I was hoping you might reconsider pulling funding...

Victor: Why should I do that?

MC: Because... We did a fantastic job on that last episode...

I don't know why, but Victor seemed to chuckle a bit when he heard that.

Victor: Listen carefully. I won't save you a second time.

Then, Victor kept walking straight toward his office.

MC: Wait! Please give me a second, I'll break down the last show's performance for you.

MC: And we'll make more great shows. Please reconsider the withdrawal.

To no avail. His steps didn't slow down for even a second.

If I give up now, everything is over!

Is there really nothing I can do?

I took a deep breath and rushed forward through the crowd to Victor.

No matter how anyone may scoff at me, if I give up now, there will be no chance at all!

MC: Since LFG was founded, it has focused heavily on real estate, finance, and electronics.

MC: But there's been a strategic shift toward culture, notably the acquisition of Coordinate Entertainment.

MC: Now, LFG has shown great caution in investing in the film industry, and most importantly...

MC: TV is monopolized by state owned companies. It's hard for private ones to get traction.

MC: Our studio is small, but we've had a long term partnership with Loveland TV.

MC: [Company name] has built this up over a decade! If it goes bankrupt, all that is gone forever!

MC: Loveland City is the heart of culture. Investing in us is by far the best choice!

Slam! The door of the CEO's office slams shut right in my face.

I stopped and panted with my mind a total blank.

How... could this...

Is that really it?

Goldman: Leave now, please.

MC: No way... If I leave, the investment...

After all the shouting and running, my heart is still racing.

I did everything I could, but it didn't do a bit of good.

All of a sudden, all the grief washed over me.

  • Hold back anger

MC: You think you're so great...

I was so angry that I started to film "Evil Greed: the Indictment of an Unscrupulous CEO" in my mind.

At about halfway through the cut, the door to the CEO's office suddenly opened.

??: Goldman here, move up the meeting with the CEO of B.S.

??: Why are you still here?

MC: I'm still imagining myself eviscerating Victor in film...

Victor: ...

No sooner had the words come out than I realized I had just said them right to Victor's face.

MC: Sorry! I didn't say anything!

  • Don't hold back

MC: Victor! I will make you regret this!

Everyone looked at me dumbfounded.

After letting that out, I felt much more relaxed.

Well, that's that...

When I was about to leave, the door of the CEO's office opened. I instinctively grew nervous.

Victor: Goldman, here, move up the meeting with the CEO of B.S.

Victor looked at me, my face all red.

Victor: Make me regret?

I immediately propped open the door.

MC: Give me two weeks and I'll give you a development plan that you would regret passing up.

Victor looked at me. He said nothing.

I stared at him boldly, thinking if I showed a bit of fear, he would walk away instantly.

His lips curved into a smile, like he was savoring the final struggle of his prey.

Victor: One week.

MC: Deal.

Yes! I finally get one week.

The thought made me relax and I subconsciously loosened my hold on the door.

MC: Ah!!!

The door slammed my hand! ...Ouch, that hurt...

Holding back laughter, Victor opened the door.

MC: Oww... thanks. What... What's so funny?

Victor: To stay alive itself is the biggest challenge for you, right?

What is up with this guy?

MC: You might be all high and mighty, but you shouldn't look down on others like this.

MC: We'll see!

With a swelling hand, I strode proudly out of LFG.



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