Main Story (Normal): 15-24

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A motorbike weaved in and out of traffic as it sped down the highway among the tall buildings.
There was not more heat in the dying light from the setting sun, but it still made you squint.
My lost consciousness slowly recovered, but my breathing was painful.
I knew there were agents after us, and I could guess what kind of fight we had in store for us.
But why things had gotten to this point, I did not understand.
I could only hold on tightly to Gavin's neck and feel his heat and breath, mixed with blood.
MC: Is Perry... going to die?
Gavin's voice was a little shaky, but it was full of strength.
Gavin: ...His father had already taken him away. Trust in him.
MC: Why did they do that?
I tried to control my shaking voice, as I asked this question that I myself couldn't answer.
Gavin was quiet for a long while, so I thought he wasn't going to answer.