Main Story (Normal): 14-9

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A sound kept blaring outside the window.
One ambulance after another, their piercing sirens reverberating through the early morning streets.
MC: ...What happened?
Completely unable to sleep, I walked over to the window and watched the ambulances rush off toward a thick cloud of smoke.
I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my brain. Those sirens seemed to be going off in my head with an ear-splitting blare.
I cradled my head and couldn't help from leaning on the windowsill.
My vision blurred and for a moment I seemed to lose all sensation.
I saw a thick fog, with a silvery steel structure flittering in and out of view. Hidden in the fog was a huge tower that seemed incredibly familiar.
A powerful wind pushed me forward. I struggled, but it was in vain.
I was forced to walk into the TV tower. The elevator stopped at the very top.
As the door opened, a white mist rushed toward me.
In the fog was a woman whose face I couldn't make out. She said something, but I couldn't hear it.
She opened a box in her hand... and the city below her erupted in flame.
What is this. What is she saying...
I strained to hear, but everything continued on silently. All I could do was try to read her lips.
"Pandora's... Everything will end..."
A red switch flashed into the scene, and a hand pulled it down.
Everything stopped abruptly. I leaned on the windowsill and gasped for breath to relieve the pain and throbbing just now.
I closed my eyes, wanting to find some more information, but I saw nothing. The scene just then kept replaying in my mind.
This time, the vision left me completely unclear, like a fragment of an absurd dream.
The strange woman, the box, the city on fire, the switch.... what was it all?
MC: What was it trying to tell me?
I recorded the details from the scene in my notebook and then drew a circle around the words "TV tower" and "switch".
Then I put a question mark beside "box" and strange woman".
A riddle with no clues, pointing once again to the TV tower.
This unknown force is truly powerful...
But no matter how powerful, I will not admit defeat!
With that in mind, I gave the Commander a call.
Not two seconds later, someone picked up.
Leto: MC, what can I do for you?
MC: Hello, Commander. Are you free right now? I have an important matter l'd like to ask you about.
Leto: Speak.
MC: You said before that every time I see the future, the future will change...
Leto: --MC
The Commander interrupted me.
Leto: Your visions certainly do make the future change but whether that change is for good or bad, the only one who can make that change is you.
Without waiting for me to reply, the Commander hung up the phone.
Only I can make the change?
I opened the window and looked out at the TV tower. A cold wind blew, bringing with it confusion and hesitation.
If I'm the only one, then will I go change the future no matter the risk? Will I give it my all?
I sat on the sofa and watched the news on the TV in a daze.
"For reasons unknown, a series of explosions rocked residential building in Loveland City at 6:10 this morning. There are currently 5 dead and 47 injured."
"The injured have all been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment."
"As to whether this explosion and the previous series of incidents have a single cause, the police are still investigating.”
Another major case of Evol out of control!
My heart sank as I watched the images from the scene being broadcast. The weight of it all seemed to be pressing down on my chest, making it so I couldn't breathe.
If things keep developing like this, what more disasters will unfold, and how many more innocents will get hurt?
MC: If I'm the only one who can change the future....
The Commander's words rang in my ear.
After all I've been through, I didn't know if I would be able to fearlessly seek the truth.
I held my father's notebook in my hands. It was the only thing now that could bring me courage.
Just then, I thought of something Anna said to me before: "Let the superheroes worry about saving the world. Your safety is the most important thing.”
But is that really how things are?
I thought of that agent at the STF that suddenly went haywire, of Gavin's strange disappearance, of Victor being unable to be reached...
...the peaceful lives of Evolvers destroyed by powers out of control, and the bereaved and despairing people at the police station...
If this is all a plot by Black Swan, if I am their final objective, then can I really just turn my back on everything?
I've been wondering this whole time, what is my Evol for?
Perhaps, my visions are meant for changing the future, and not for sitting around waiting for everything to happen!
I made a decision, perhaps the bravest decision of my entire life.