Main Story (Normal): 14-22

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A long time passed, and the sky gradually turned dark. I could finally move.
All the support seemed taken from my body in an instant, and I plopped down on the ground.
I recovered for a few minutes before I got used to having control of my body again.
My thoughts were like a big, tangled mess. There seemed to be lots of hints and clues, but I couldn't untangle any of it. I didn't understand a thing.
I struggled to my feet and pounded on the locked door. I pulled at the rusted lock, but it wouldn't open, and there was no response.
MC: Kiro! Kiro!
MC: Kiro! Where did you go! Why did you do that...
I shouted Kiro's name, but only the howling wind answered, like the most mournful horn in the world.
MC: Why... Didn't we say we'd face it together...
I slid powerlessly to the ground. My whole body shook as if immersed in icy water.
Kiro... I'll wait for you here, always... Come back soon!...
My mouth fell open, and tears fell uncontrollably in big drops, falling into my mouth and turning into bitter helplessness.
I looked at the metal door shut tight, and an interminable flood of despair surged in my throat.
I was the one who had to come here. Kiro was just going along with me.
I wanted to solve this problem, and he wanted to help, even if it meant facing a darkness beyond redemption.
Every single time it's like this. I get the people around me hurt and put them in danger.
Why is it... always this way...
The bare rooftop was like a limitless ocean. For the first time, I realized how insignificant a creature I was.
A red light flashed, like the countdown clock of fate. The taste of rust was in the air.
A steel monster just like in my dream. The emitter's control switch was not far from the top of the tower where the beacon was.
The wind was heavy at the top of the building, so heavy that it was hard to stand.
It blew so hard that tears only left a salt stain on my face, stinging me harshly.
I struggled up the ladder, rung by rung, slowly climbing upward.
I need to turn off the switch... I need to wait in the most peaceful and warmest place for Kiro's return…
My discomfort grew more and more intense, until I couldn't ignore it anymore. It seemed the closer I got, the more severe it became.
My mind was fading out, and it was difficult to regain focus.
I bit down hard on my bottom lip, until I could taste blood.
I suddenly heard the faint sound of electricity.
I looked up. The controller in the instrument box was within arm's reach.
I reached out and opened the box.
A red switch appeared before my eyes.
I just need to pull this switch, and Loveland City will return to normal!
Maybe I'll be able to see Kiro again real soon!
I gathered all my strength, and the instant I touched the switch, my vision went white.
I pulled down hard on the switch and then lost all strength. My body fell backward off the ladder.
MC: ...
Completely spent and with no more strength to struggle, I could only submit to the despair and plunge into eternal night.
Scenes from my dream seemed to be replaying. White fog, a switch being pulled down, a plunging figure-- turns out it was me.
My rapidly falling body had nothing to hold on to. The raging wind in my ear seemed to be announcing death.
In a trance, I seemed to see Kiro's dazzling smile and the gentle hand he held out to me.
I saw a rainy afternoon and me removing a jacket from my head, watching a youth sprinting away in the rain.
I saw the swaying camphor tree leaves and a nonchalant-looking man carefully place a peace knot into his pocket.
I saw a warmly-lit evening, and a towering man caress my forehead and stare deeply into my eyes.
And I saw Dad. I saw him tying a red balloon to my wrist.
Countless scenes from the past floated before me, glowing warmly in the dark night.
Everyone says that right before you leave this world, you'll see the sweetest, most tender moments in your life. Turns out, you really do.
This fall was long, so long l'd already looked back on my whole life.
And yet so short, too short to leave yet. I wanted to cling to the embers of this tender warmth.
Gradually, I seemed to see the lights and hear the bustle of people. It seemed not far from me.
A tear ran out the corner of my eye. I closed my eyes and waited for my final moment.
In my daze, I could feel a familiar wind holding me up
Sense returned to my body, and I was enveloped in a thick smell of blood, deeper than the night.
My rapid fall didn't stop. A tear in my eye was just gently wiped away.
Something anxious sounded in my ear, drowned out by the wind. I couldn't hear it clearly.
He seemed to say, he came too late...
Who he was, I no longer had the strength to discern.
I only knew that at the final moment, I was no longer alone.
A half-light, half-dark sky, a silvery steel tower, a flashing beacon, this was all that was left in my world.
A black vortex ripped open the sky, and surging air currents seemed about to devour everything.
A white light flashed across the sky, approaching me. At the end of the light was a slender hand.
Consciousness rushed back into my brain from the brink of death. Before that, I clearly heard his lasts words:
??: I will accompany you, till the very end.