Main Story (Normal): 14-19

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??: I'm not going to kill you.
Her indifferent expression did not conform at all to the words out of her mouth.
??: If you can escape from my grasp, then I'll concede that you have some value.
Her hand hadn't even touched me. Just from the nearness I could feel a scorching pain.
I looked in shock as her grey fingertip seemed to dissolve and spread into the air, drifting around like a living creature. I unconsciously held my breath.
A loud sound came from the level below us, and the floor seemed to shake with it.
What was that? An explosion?
Right after, a huge plate of glass shattered, and even the glass underfoot started cracking, like it would break open any second.
??: What's happening?
Just as she said that, tons of white smoke billowed in from all directions, filling the space in a few short seconds.
My vision went blurry in an instant, obscuring the people and the scene in front of me.
A blaring disaster siren sounded, reverberating throughout the building, drowning out all other sounds. The automatic sprinklers in the ceiling started spraying water from out of nowhere.
In the sudden chaos, the gravity that had been pressing on me finally let up. Now was my chance!
The woman in front of me instantly reacted and tried to grab me.
I don't know why, but her hand suddenly paused, just a few centimeters from me.
I don't think l'll ever have such a moment of agility for the rest of my life.
Darting through the thick fog, I quickly got away from several people and ran for the exit.
MC: !!
In the fog, a hand suddenly grabbed my shoulder.
Kiro: Come with me.
It was Kiro's voice!
My nose got all prickly, and I almost cried.
Even though we were escaping, the fact that Kiro was alright was all I could think about. I felt a happiness as if I had survived a disaster.
The whole building seemed to be full of smoke, but with his map, Kiro knew exactly where to go.
I sensed that we went through several doors and ran down a corridor, the sound of footsteps retreating behind us.
After a few minutes, the mist gradually faded.
I looked at Kiro pulling me along. He seemed a mess, his hair all wet and plastered to his forehead.
His face was wet, and when he looked at me, so were his eyes.
Kiro & Me: Are you okay?
The two of us asked the same question at the same time, and then finally I went first.
MC: They seemed to have some other objective, so they hadn't done anything to me yet.
MC: And you? That elevator suddenly fell. Were you hurt?
Remembering that chilling moment, I still felt worried and started checking him for injuries.
Kiro: I'm okay. The elevator fell a dozen meters and then slowed to a stop. It was just getting back up here that took some time.
Kiro gave me a reassuring smile as he downplayed what just happened to him.
MC: Well thank goodness…
Seeing he didn't want to worry me, I tried to change the topic.
MC: Was that smoke back there all your doing?
Kiro: Yep, just one of my little special moves! Good thing it worked.
Kiro: Right now we need to figure out how to get out of here quick. They're dangerous, and not just that woman. There's the one hidden in the shadows too.
He lowered his head and found the information he was looking for from the tangle of routes on his phone. His long fingers quickly froze.
Kiro: We can't use any of the elevators now. That only leaves the stairs. Can you do it?
He looked at me, neither panicked nor shaken, giving me great courage.
MC: I can!
(In the lobby)
Mystery Man: Dumb little trick.
The white smoke disappeared instantly, and the fractured holes in the glass were controlled at a certain height.
With the cross-ventilation, the wind that surged in didn't affect the people standing.
The black snake wrapped around its owner's shoulder flicked its tongue and stared malevolently at the man who had suddenly appeared.
Mystery Man: They ran. Aren't you going to chase them?
??: No.
Mystery Man: Tch. Well that's no fun.
Mystery Man: You don't want to see how far they'll struggle? If you're done playing, then I'll have a turn.