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Lucien's Office

MC: Professor Lucien, I never imagined you’d be so young… I’m so sorry.

I annoyedly kept that in mind–never judge people by their appearance!

Lucien: It’s alright. I didn’t introduce myself.

MC: Thanks… So, let me tell you about the plan for the last show of Miracle Finder.

Lucien: Yes, please. You can use my blackboard if you like.

MC: Sure.

I took a deep breath and started the introduction.

MC: For our final show, the theme we’re going with is “Lies That Can’t Be Seen Through”.

Lucien: I’m sorry, but I think this plan is not feasible.

MC: What? I haven’t even begun yet.

Lucien: I viewed the files you gave me.

MC: But didn’t you just glance at them?

Lucien, seemingly very pleased, laughed out loud.

Lucien: It’s nothing, let me explain the details.

He walked over to the blackboard, very close to me. I felt a little nervous.

Lucien: So, what’s your view of superpowers?

  • Believe in them
MC: I think superpowers may really exist in this world.
Suddenly, he looked into my eyes very earnestly.
Lucien: Why do you think this?
MC: Dad’s Miracle Finder is a show about superpowers. I’ve seen many phenomena. Sometimes, we failed to explain them scientifically. Perhaps, superpowers do exist.
  • Don't believe in them
MC: I think superpowers are fake. We should find out the truth behind them.
Lucien: Similar to what your father did?
MC: Yes. My father always taught me to view the world through the lens of science.

Lucien: Have you heard of the Red Queen Hypothesis?

MC: No… What’s that?

Lucien: “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”

MC: Is that a quote from… Alice Through the Looking Glass?

Lucien: Humans have existed outside of natural selection for too long. They have forgotten how cruel the world is.

MC: Huh… It sounds weird but true… In nature, humans have no more threats.

Lucien: But it’s dangerous when you forget to fear. Do you know the way to avoid danger?

MC: Is there a way?

Suddenly, Lucien drew close. I stepped back involuntarily, leaning against the blackboard. With one hand on the board, he drew in very close. The sunlight backlit and blurred his face. My heartbeat like crazy.

Lucien: When you’re in danger–

He leaned in even closer to my ear and whispered.

Lucien: Trust your instincts.

While I was still wondering what all that meant, this mysterious neuroscientist let me go.

Lucien: (Smiling) Sorry, I didn’t want any other people to overhear those words.

MC: ... But it’s just the two of us in the room.

Lucien: What you can’t see isn’t necessarily nonexistent, like a crisis lurking in the dark.

MC: Oh, okay, I got it.

Lucien: Back to your show. Since its subject is superpowers, you should have your own thoughts on the matter. However, your view on superpowers is still framed by your father’s views. Am I right?

MC: My father built Miracle Finder with his own hands, piece by piece…

Lucien: Every show reflects the character-- the color-- of its producer. However, I don’t see any of your color in this. This is still the same episode plan as two years ago.

MC: !

Lucien: Your color-- it’s very special. Unlike any other… At least to my eyes.

MC: I’m starting to understand… Thank you, Professor Lucien!

Lucien raised his eyebrows in slight annoyance.

Lucien: Are you leaving?

MC: Yes! I have to return to prepare the show with my colleagues.

Lucien: Should I have lectured a little longer just then?

MC: Huh?

Lucien: It’s fine. You can go now.

MC: Professor Lucien… Will you attend our last show? Ah, sorry. I mean after I finish our new show plan, I’ll come back and…

Lucien: Alright, I’m in.

MC: Ha? Wha, what?

Lucien smiled and patted my head.

Lucien: I’m in. I hope I won’t be disappointed…

MC: Great! Thank you, professor.

Lucien: Next time we meet, you can just call me Lucien.

I nodded shyly, then left his office.