Main Story (Normal): 1-8

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I didn't return to the office as planned. Instead, I got in a car heading to a bioscience research center.
That call on the road turned out to be from Uncle John.
He's a biology professor at Loveland University and helped Miracle Finder many times as a guest expert.
He's out of the country right now, but he called to introduce another neuroscience professor to be our guest.
This scientist works in a research center and is also a professor at Loveland University.
The whole point of Miracle Finder was to find "superhumans" and discover the science behind their powers.
Hopefully, this neuroscience will help me finish the laast show.
I grasped at this straw, however unreliable it may seem.
Subconsciously, I felt... this trip might chage the fate of <Company>.
Change my fate, even.
Lucien Bioscience Research Center
MC: If reception was right, Professor Lucien works in this lab.
MC: Having a research center named after himself, he must be a very senior professor...
MC: I'll have to be on my best behavior...
Just when I was going to knock, the door was pushed open and a young researcher walked out.
Spotting me, he seemed to be surprised. But when he regained composure and nodded with a smile.
He looked at me kindly but remotely, like he was inspecting a strange new being.
The way he watched me made me a little uneasy.
MC: Hello, I'm looking for Professor Lucien.
Hearing the words, the young researcher seemed to be a little surprised.
Young Scholar: Lucien? What do you want with him?
MC: I'm a producer at <Company>. Here's my card.
I want to invite the professor to be our guest on the show Miracle Finder.
Young Scholar: Miracle Finder... Oh, I've heard of that. Why do you want Mr. Lucien on your show?
MC: Professor John recommended
He interrupted me.
Young Scholar: I've seen your recent shows. Your choice of topics are somewhat problematic.
Look like this guy isn't going to introduce me to Lucien... He really has an axe to grind about our show.
I tried not to show anger.
MC: Thanks for your advice. Perhaps you don't know our show that well.
MC: I got a number from Professor John. I think I'll call him myself.
When I found the number Uncle John gave me and tapped the call button, a girl in white walked over.
Girl: Hello, Professor Lucien!
The young researcher nodded with a smile.
The girl skipped happily away, but I was frozen in place.
Then the ring of a phone came from his lab coat pocket.
I hung up the call and looked up.
The young genius professor was still smilling, but I felt he had become even happier.
Lucien: Would you like to talk inside my office?