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I sincerely apologized and paid for the opened potato chips. When I walked out, the sun was shining, but it also started raining.
The recurring dreams I'd been having also had these sunshowers in them.
Walking in the rain, my mood brightened considerably.
Just then, the phone in my bag started to vibrate.
MC: Probably Anna about the funding withdrawal...
I clumsily fumbled in the bag for my phone, not realizing I was standing in the middle of a crosswalk.
"Beeeep!" The blare of a car horn sounds behind me.
I turn my head and see a taxi rushing towards me.
Too late to do anything! I instinctively close my eyes.
But the crash I was bracing for didn't happen. The whole world suddenly goes quiet.
I fall into a warm embrace.
I open my eyes. Raindrops hang still in the air. A Man is holding me in his arms.
His body emanates a piercing but soothing spirit.
MC: You... who are you?
Dream overlaps with reality. In a moment, I seem to return to the accident when I was 5 years old.
He looks at me. We lock eyes.
A trace of surprise skims across his face.
Secret Man: Evolver?
MC: ?
Secret Man: You still don't know? The ability is beginning to awaken though.
MC: Who are you?
Secret Man: You don't have to know. And you'd better forget what I said just now.
How can someone say such strange things and then expect you to forget it...
MC: Okay... I still have to thank you for saving my life.
Secret Man: You should watch yourself. Someone can't come to your rescue every time.
He put me down on the roadside. When I turned to say thank you again, he was already gone.
Then all the sounds came back. Raindrops fell down, the taxi drove away, and the people dispersed.
Like nothing happened just then.
I stood alone by the roadside, still wondering about the whole thing.
MC: I was... Could it be... Was it a daydream?
The wind blew, swaying the shadows of trees. The snacks on the ground tell me it's real.
If it's real, could he be related to... the boy who saved me in childhood?
An the E... Evolver he mentioned? What does that mean?
MC: Or have I been daydreaming too much recently and hallucinated the whole thing? It's as if superpowers have become a reality... I should invite him to Miracle Finder... The Special Effect Unit could use a break. But, from how he acted, he probably wouldn't agree to go on, right? Didn't even tell me his name. Like helping a cat out of a tree while out on a stroll...
I cleaned the snacks up and left in confusion.
MC: Anyhow, it's lucky I avoided the accident... Or there'd be a headline: "Miracle Finder Loses Funding, Producer Commits Suicide."
What I didn't notice is that with that gust of wind, a man appeared noiselessly in the sky above the city.
Even in that windless afternoon, his windbreaker somehow flutters. The gun in his holster shines coldly.
He presses the call button on his headset.
Mystery Person: Agent B-7, energy wave detected in Loveland. Sending Coordinates. Target locked. Taking action immediately.
His sharp vision follows the girl's figure until she leaves the street.
A girl in a flower shop seems to spot a shadow in the sky, but the next second, it's gone.