Main Story (Normal): 1-17

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Outside LFG's CEO's office

MC: Huh? The CEO's assistant isn't here?

LFG Staff: Goldman? He's out on business for a few days. You should've made a reservation earlier.

MC: I'm sorry, but it's an emergency.

LFG Staff: Ah, I remember... I saw you before! You're with [Company name], right?

LFG Staff: You know, the last episode of Miracle Finder- I watched it! Super interesting!

MC: Really?! Thanks! Actually, I came here today about the fund withdrawal thing...

LFG Staff: Good luck! You've made a hot show. Perhaps it will make the boss think twice.

MC: Um! So... If Goldman isn't here , how about your boss?

LFG Staff: ...I don't really know. He is a busy man, you know- Sorry, let me answer a phone call.

The moment she picked up the phone, Goldman's voice was booming on the other end.

Goldman: Tell everyone- The CEO's helicopter has just landed on the roof! Get prepared RIGHT NOW!

Goldman hung up before she could even respond.

LFG Staff: Um... Everyone, attention! The president is back!

LFG Staff: Excuse me, time to work!

I nodded, sitting quietly aside, watching the hustle and bustle of the office.

Perfect. No matter what, I have to make the CEO of LFG reconsider the funding withdrawal.

Goldman rushed in like the wind.

The office was back in ship shape with everyone in their places. Several chiefs waited at the entrance.

When Goldman walked by, he stopped in surprise.

Goldman: Not you again!

Goldman: Security! Walk her out!

But then there was a commotion at the door. The CEO had arrived.

MC: The last episode of Miracle Finder was popular. Do you want to take a look?

Goldman: I've got no time to chat about Miracle Finder right now. Whatever this is about, hold off on it, okay?

Goldman: Later, I'll get you some solid film and television deals. But now, you have to listen to me.

Goldman: Sit tight! If you make a peep, it will be your last!

He shoved me back into the nearest seat and rushed to the gate.

I nodded blankly. There were so many people around the CEO. I couldn't get a clear view at all.


Goldman: Sir, what brings you to the office today?

Victor: A departmental meeting this afternoon. 2 pm. Get it prepared.

The voice of the CEO sounds familiar somehow...

Goldman: Sure. If you're not going to Kerry's banquet tomorrow, do you want to confirm it with them yourself?

Victor: No.

Victor: Send a copy of this month's investment analysis to my office in 10 minutes.

Goldman: Yes sir!

From my seat, I looked in the direction of Victor but couldn't get a view of the legendary CEO.

As I was wondering when's the best time to make a move, the crowd stopped for some reason right beside me.

I was just sitting off in a corner, but now it was completely surrounded by the crowd.

Victor: Why are you here?

I leaned forward slowly, looked up, and finally saw the face of the legendary CEO-

MC: Y-Y-You...

The one I have been seeking, the one I thought I would never meet again-

The one who saved me from the rushing taxi on the day of the sun shower- the CEO of LFG and controls the fate of our company?!

I couldn't help standing up instantly.

MC: ?! You!