Main Story (Normal): 1-14

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On the day that the show aired, I sat before the TV and watched the final episode in silence.

The show the station aired was a little edited down, but this was the best I had to offer.

Dad, can you see it? It's the first time I planned a show all on my own.

Though I cannot completely walk out of your shadow, I've finally found my own direction.

Even if [Company name] ends here, I will carry on with my dream of being a producer.

Dad, bless me.

The next day. [Company name].

The ratings report for the last episode came out, only 0.1 point higher than before.

Anna: MC, don't be sad! In that time slot, with no promotion, it's already a miracle to rise 0.1.

MC: Yeah, rest easy, Anna. I'll be fine.

MC: To the whole crew of [Company name], thank you.

I bowed deeply to the whole office.

MC: Thank you for accompanying me in bringing Miracle Finder to its final conclusion.

Then Kiki interrupted me.

Kiki: Wait! Boss! I think... that conclusion wasn't so final after all!

MC: What?

Kiki: A miracle happened!

She rushed to me with her laptop.

The last episode of Miracle Finder. "Read your heart" is trending in the Top 10.

And higher than that on the list is "Miracle Professor Lucien".

It ranked third, only lower than "I'm the Spot on Kiro's Face" and "The Spot on Kiro's Face Is Gone".

The unabridged show got uploaded all over the internet. Everyone is talking about it now.

Netizen A: Finally hitting their stride on the final episode!? I'm starting to believe in this mind reading thing!

Netizen B: Is this the Miracle Finder I watched when I was a kid?... Share it! Don't let it end...

Netizen C: Lucien, 26, owns his own research center and is a professor at Loveland University... Is he a human?

Netizen C: Published 5 papers in the journal Science, won 3 international science rewards. He himself is superhuman!

Netizen D: @Netizen C So his students are older than him? God he's hot! I should've gone to this university!

Kiki: And, Kiro shared our show "accidentally". It's since been deleted, but there are screenshots everywhere.

Kiki: Look, Kiro posted a comment. "This episode was awesome." Is Kiro watching our show!?

Anna: Gosh... Is this real? Are we going to take off?

I felt my eyes start to water.

MC: This is amazing.

I put down my laptop and packed up my stuff.

Anna: MC, where are you going?

MC: LFG! Wait for my good news.

I looked back at my colleagues firmly.

MC: Wish me luck.

A helicopter over Loveland city

The last show of Miracle Finder was paused on Victor's phone at Lucien's concluding remarks.

His expression was grim. He rewound the video and watched the speech again.

Rushing to the offices of LFG, I felt a sudden unease for some reason.

Something big is gonna happen.