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Recording of the Final Episode of Miracle Finder

With the help of my colleagues, I designed the theme, content, and the rundown of the last show. Though I’ve recorded several episodes of Miracle Finder, it’s the first time I felt nervous.

MC: Anna, let’s go through the program rundown once more.

Anna: How many times have you checked today? But, oh, alright…

Host: My dear! I’ve never rehearsed this many times. I can even remember everyone else’s lines!

MC: Once more. You’ll get a salary bump.

Lucien: Just relax, MC. I read the script. It’s a good show.

MC: ?! Professor Lucien, you’re here.

Hearing the words, Lucien seemed a little unhappy with me.

Lucien: Um?

MC: Oh… Lucien.

Lucien: Aren’t you going to show me around?

MC:Sure. I’ll introduce you to everyone.

MC:This is the guest expert for this show… A distinguished scholar in neuroscience, Professor Lucien.

Lucien: Hello, everyone.

The audience stared at the professor in silence, then a moment later, broke into thunderous applause. Anna leaned in next to me.

Anna: Where did you find such a handsome professor? This show is in the bag!

The appearance of Lucien swept away the tension and unease of the set.

MC: Lucien, um… Do you want to come on other future shows?—I mean, if [Company] carries on.

Lucien: Of course. If it’s a program you’re producing, I’d be happy to join.

The recording session was very smooth.

Host: Professor Lucien, what does neuroscience have to say about the seemingly miraculous art of mind-reading?

Lucien: Well… Perhaps more precisely, we should call it “brain-reading”.

Lucien’s quibbling over terminology makes the whole audience laugh.

Lucien: “Can consciousness be read”? An interesting topic. One theory argues that everything in this world is interconnected…

Anna: The professor is something… Handsome, intelligent, and humorous.

For a professor, Lucien is really down to earth. His humor and knowledge light up the set.

He’s literally another person in front of the camera…

Looking into the monitor, somehow, I feel I don’t really know this person.

Host: Dear audience, the show is near its end. Let’s invite Professor Lucien to have the final word! Please!

Lucien:As our scientific understanding of humanity expands, the frontier of the unknown expands with it.

Lucien:Miracle Finder might end today, but the superpowers it discovered, have transcended our age.

Lucien:Maybe someday in the future, the pace of science will catch up with this show.

Lucien:Every scientist, myself included, hopes to make a contribution in this field.

Obviously, Lucien garnered lots of fans for himself after the show ended.

Instead of just leaving as usual, the audience crowded around the guest area.

Even some of the staff joined them holding autograph books.


It was already late when I was finally able to escort Lucien out.

MC: I’m really thankful for what you did today.

Lucien: The honor is mine. It’s the first time I’ve ever been on a show. It was really interesting.

Thinking of what Lucien said on the show, I couldn’t help recalling the accident that day.

I keep telling myself it was a hallucination, but it all seemed too real…

Lucien is so open to the idea of superpowers. Perhaps he knows something?

Maybe I can ask Lucien about it and not be seen as a crazy person.

MC: Lucien… Can I ask something?

Lucien: As long as I can help, of course.

MC: You… Have you ever heard the term Evolver?

The question stopped him in his tracks.

He, still calmly, looked me over.

Lucien: Yes. I’ve heard of it.

MC: Really?!

Lucien: So, where did you hear that word?

  • Tell Him
Lucien: I see…
Lucien: Thank you for trusting me and sharing this with me.
Lucien: I’m pleased.
  • Don't Tell Him
I hesitated. I have no idea if I should tell Lucien about what happened that day.
Lucien: If you're not comfortable telling me, then you don't have to.

Lucien: “Evolver” basically means a super-evolved human.

Lucien: It’s just an academic term for a super-powered being.

Lucien: It’s said that 20 years ago, a British scientist dissected many superhumans and found a unique gene.

Lucien: He called the special ability expressed by this gene, Evol. In other words, a superpower. And those who possess Evols, are Evolvers.

MC: He dissected a lot of-- um… Evolvers?

Lucien: Does that scare you? Actually, the scientist was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment.

Lucien: Because they involved crimes against humanity, his research was deemed classified by the World Gene Organization.

MC: Sounds...inconceivable.

Lucien: These are all just rumors I’ve picked up from working in bioscience. I don’t have a clue about the details.

Maybe the rumors are partly true, part fiction-- just like the superpowers on Miracle Finder.

MC: Yeah… But other people have probably heard about it too and believe in it.

Lucien: I am doing related research on this myself. Maybe one day, I will find out the truth behind it.

Lucien: If you find any real superhumans while making your show, they are more than welcome in my research center.

MC: Oh?...

Lucien: What are you thinking? My research is all completely legal.

MC: Couldn’t help letting my imagination run wild. Occupational hazard.

If that’s the case, the strange man I met that day must believe in the existence of this Evol.

And based on what he said, I must be one of these Evolvers of legend.

I have no idea what makes him think so, because I’m definitely just as normal as everybody.

In my 22 years alive, nothing inexplicable has ever happened—except those 2 car accidents.

But, even if what happened that day wasn’t real, the story of Evolvers itself will make an extraordinary topic.

I wonder if that man would have a different version of the story?

If I could somehow meet that man again…

Perhaps… He’s a real superhuman. You never know.