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The Main Story is comprised of multiple stages which players can follow along with the Main Character as well as do mission battles using Karma.

The stages are split into two types of stages:

  • Visual Novel Stories
  • Mission Stages

There are also two difficulties:

  • Normal
  • Elite (Unlocked after Chapter 4-21)

Visual Novel Stories are only available in the Normal difficulty while each Elite mission chapter is made up of 10 Mission Stages.

Mission Stage Mechanics[ ]

See also: Mission Stage Mechanics

Main Story Rewards[ ]

There are two types of rewards when completing Stages: Stage Completion Rewards and Chapter Crown Rewards.

Stage Completion Rewards[ ]

Stage Completion Rewards are given after successfully completing the stage. This includes Gold, Wish EXP items (eg. Encounter Wish), and items. For Normal Missions, these items are used to Star Up Karma, while Elite Missions will give items that are used for Evolving Karma.

Chapter Crown Rewards[ ]

Chapter Crown Rewards are given based on the number of Crowns achieved in that chapter.

Rewards are given at 10, 20, and 30 Crowns. The rewards are as follows:

# of Crowns Reward
10 Gold
20 Wish EXP Items
30 Gems / Galaxy Wish Coupon*

*Chapter 1 also gives 30 Stamina while Chapter 2 gives a free Player Rename Card.

Remakes[ ]

After achieving two Crowns on a mission, it is possible to remake a Stage. Remake basically allows a player to complete the mission instantly without having to repeat the Event and Karma selections with no downsides.

Elite Missions[ ]

Elite Missions are unlocked after completing Normal Stage 4-21. These missions are more difficult and reward items used to evolve Karma.

Additionally, unlike Normal missions, Elite missions are limited to 3 attempts per day.

Stage List[ ]

See: Main Story (Normal) Stage List and Main Story (Elite) Stage List