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General Info[ ]

Character: Lucien




Lucien: I like the song you shared with me. It's special.
  • Option 1
MC: Nice right? It's the reworking of a nursery rhyme that I've been looping lately. I feel like I've been brainwashed.
Lucien: Nice song indeed.
Lucien: I feel like I'm being wrapped in a gentle river when I'm listening to it.
Lucien: But I can't help but wonder how it would sound like if it was you singing.
  • Option 2
MC: You also enjoy it right? Its the reworking of a nursery rhyme that I listen to every night before I sleep.
Lucien: It creates a sense of calm, perfect for bedtime.
Lucien: But to me, your voice does the same magic
Lucien: This song will sound nice if you were to sing it.
  • Option 3
MC: It's the reworking of a nursery rhyme that's been the talk of the town on a variety show lately!
Lucien: I see.
Lucien: The reworking is very distinctive, doing a good job showcasing the singer's voice.
Lucien: I think it would sound great if you were to sing it.
  • Option 1
MC: A lot of people who can sing said they can't sing this one well...
Lucien: Really? I think its the opposite.
Lucien: I think this song is more about a certain simplicity and purity rather than the singing skill.
Lucien: So I look forward to your version.
  • Option 2
MC: Nursery rhymes in dialect... Nope, the melody is too difficult for me...
Lucien: The melody of the nursery rhyme itself is not really complicated.
Lucien: It's the arrangement that makes the difference.
  • Option 3
MC: Actually I have been humming along, but it just didn't feel the same.
Lucien: But don't you think it's better so?
Lucien: It means you're singing your own feelings and have your own interpretation.
  • Option 1
MC: Since you've said so, I'll practice a bit more!
Lucien: It's settled, then.
Lucien: I'll be a good listener.
  • Option 2
MC: There seems to be a lot that I don't know about Professor Lucien's insightful views on music!
Lucien: This topic just evoked some very distant memories of mine.
Lucien: I won't say it's insightful, but I'm very willing to share it with you.
  • Option 3
MC: It has different effects in diff scenes!
Lucien: You're talking about the horror movie we watched last time I guess?
Lucien: The processed children's voices with special graphic effects can really strike fear.
Lucien: Looks like it made quite an impression on some dummy.
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