Kiro SMS: Love Returns

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General Info[ ]

Character: Kiro



How to get: Love Returns (Event)


Kiro: Do you have time this weekend? I found an interesting shop. Wanna go together?
Kiro: Heeeello is anybody here?
Kiro: Why are you ignoring me :(
Kiro: [MC], how could you join the film crew without letting me know! And there's no signal in that deep forest you're in!
Kiro: Thank goodness I was clever enough to check at your company before I... I almost called the police...
Kiro: Let me know as soon as you come back!
Kiro: I'm still waiting for you to hit that shop you mentioned,
Kiro: Today I met a little kitten who followed me everywhere, haha
Kiro: But Savin forbade me to adopt it because I already have Cello and Apple Box..
Kiro: I hope I can encounter it again and feed it something nice...
Kiro: How about we adopt it together?
Kiro: Can we talk about it when you come back?
Kiro: Is the filming wrapping up? When are you gonna come back :(
Kiro: If you don't come back sometime soon, I'm going to attend the show that I told you about last time.
Kiro: Their next shooting location seems to be near your set.
Kiro: I wonder if it's possible for us to meet in the deep forest...
Kiro: I think it's possible. After all, we are always in sync!
Kiro: Let me guess... You are already on your way back!
Kiro: My hunch is always right!
Kiro: ... I am right, am I not?
Kiro: Please come back soon, Miss Chips...
Kiro: I miss you so much.
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