Kiro SMS: Ki-Style

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General Info[edit]

Character: Kiro


Required Karma:

Kiro: Close Watch
How to get: Evolution


Kiro: G'morning! It's almost weekend, which is why I'm gonna gift you a set of my calligraphy works!
  • Option 1
MC: I saw you posting calligraphy templates on social media a lot. So you've been practicing?
Kiro: Well, I'm already great at calligraphy, but there's still scope for improvement.
  • Option 2
MC: What does the weekend have to do with it?
Kiro: Isn't the weekend a kind of holiday too? And holiday means celebration!
Kiro: Here's a set of my calligraphy to celebrate the weekend!
  • Option 3
MC: I'm not the only one who received your calligraphy, am I?
Kiro: Yours is different from theirs though!
Kiro: I used a template for theirs, while yours is completely original!
  • Option 1
MC: Ha, that's a good idea!
Kiro: Of course! Want to hear another great idea of mine?
  • Option 2
MC: I'll be waiting then!
Kiro: Ha, want to hear another great idea?
  • Option 3
MC: You always have so many ideas!
Kiro: This one is not a crazy idea. It's totally mind-blowing and innovative.
Kiro: I want to invent my very own Ki-Style. I'll publish a book and teach the world about it!
  • Option 1
MC: Ki-Style!
Kiro: Sounds awe-inspiring, doesn't it?
  • Option 2
MC: I'll treasure it well. It might be worth a lot in the future!
  • Option 3
MC: Wow what an idea!
Kiro: I only have the best ideas.
Kiro: Ooh, I know what gift I should give you now. An acrostic poem!
Kiro: Try guessing its meaning after you receive it!