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General Info[ ]

Character: Kiro



Required Karma:


Kiro: Sweet and Reliable
How to get: Obtained Karma


MC: Lately I've been pulling so many all-nighters and under so much stress, my hair's starting to suffer... help!
Kiro: Beauty sleep is very important for a girl.
Kiro: Get some sleep! Get some sleep! Get some sleep!
Kiro: But why did you think to ask me for help?
Kiro: Wouldn't another girl-friend know more about this than me?
  • Option 1
MC: Because your hair feels so nice!
Kiro: When did you ever feel my hair?
Kiro: Oh! Could it be last time?!
Kiro: ...Hmph! Now I get to feel yours next time!
Kiro: But as for hair care, I really don't have much experience. I was just born this way!
  • Option 2
MC: I'm stressing out every day just trying to keep my company from bankruptcy. I don't have time for my hair...
Kiro: Too much stress will make your hair fall out.
Kiro: And I'm not exaggerating. Doctors say that too.
Kiro: As for repairing damaged hair... I really don't have any experience there.
Kiro: I stay up all night all the time, and my hair has never fallen out or lost its shine.
  • Option 3
MC: Well, you're a professional, so I figured you'd have a few tips about maintaining your looks.
Kiro: Um... actually, for screen work, my looks are mostly maintained by the stylist and director.
Kiro: As for hair specifically...
Kiro: Would you get mad if I told you it's all natural?
  • Option 1
Kiro: Unfollow? Really? Are you sure you wouldn't regret it?
Kiro: Actually, I'm just kidding with you.
Kiro: I've always been plagued with baldness. I wear wigs all the time.
  • Option 2
MC: You're so lucky I can't stand you.
Kiro: Well, you can envy me, but... just don't hate me.
Kiro: I was lying to you just now.
Kiro: Actually, I have a bad problem with balding. I just had implants put in.
Kiro: Please keep that a secret!
  • Option 3
MC: I don't see you for a short time, and your narcissism gets worse.
Kiro: Narcissism?
Kiro: Haha! Don't be so harsh!
Kiro: Actually, I was just joking.
Kiro: A while back, when I was under a lot of stress, I lost a lot of hair too.
  • Option 1
MC: ...Why do I not believe you one bit?
Kiro: Alright. Frankly, I don't have any hair issues, but seeing you so worked up, I wanted to comfort you a bit.
Kiro: You need to be happy and relaxed to have a healthy body -- and that's the honest truth! Believe me!
Kiro: So laugh more! And if you still don't feel better, then I'll bring my stylist to help you next time.
Kiro: Don't underestimate yourself and don't make mountains out of molehills! Cheer up! You're the best!
  • Option 2
MC: ...I don't know what to believe from you anymore.
Kiro: Haha, sorry. I took the joke too far, didn't I?
Kiro: Actually, I just wanted to help you relax a little so you're not so tense.
Kiro: You need to be happy and relaxed to have a healthy body.
Kiro: And if you really really really don't feel better, then I'll bring my stylist to help you next time. Never fear, I am here!
  • Option 3
MC: Really?
Kiro: Of course--
Kiro: --not! Relax, okay?
Kiro: Did my little joke relieve any tension?
Kiro: You need to be happy and relaxed to have a healthy body. And I like seeing Miss Chips smile more than anything!
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