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General Info[ ]

Character: Kiro




Kiro: Have you been very ill these two days, MC?
  • Option 1
MC: It's not that bad. Just a bit of a fever.
Kiro: A fever is no small matter, especially now that it's the sick season.
Kiro: Have you taken your medicine? Has your fever gone down?
  • Option 2
MC: Just a bit of a fever. Thanks for asking amid your busy schedule, big celebrity.
Kiro: Be sure to let me know immediately next time. I'd be worried if I can't reach you.
Kiro: So? Still having fever?
  • Option 3
MC: It was really hot and I accidentally turned on the air conditioner for too long... hehe.
Kiro: Health is not something that can be laughed away.
Kiro: Have you visited a doctor or rested?
  • Option 1
MC: I'm feeling a bit dizzy after my long sleep, but I do feel much better now!
Kiro: I can understand... I felt dizzy too when I had a fever.
Kiro: Hm... No. I have to come over myself and see you.
  • Option 2
MC: I've been to the doctor's. Don't worry! Relax k.
Kiro: On second thought, I have to come over myself to see you.
Kiro: And I'm coming once my filming wraps up today. That's final!
  • Option 3
MC: No need to rush. I've taken my medicine.
Kiro: Really? But I can't stop worrying when [MC] is sick.
Kiro: I have to take care of you myself.
  • Option 1
MC: Then bring me cream puffs, chocolate ice cream and waffles when you come...
Kiro: Request rejected! You need to eat something light and nutritious when you're sick.
Kiro: But sweet Kiro is already delivering for you.
  • Option 2
MC: No need for the trouble. You must be busy yourself.
Kiro: I can make time for you no matter how busy I am. Besides I haven't seen you for a long time, [MC]!
Kiro: Get some sleep. I'll be right there.
  • Option 3
MC: I'm going to bed for some more healing so I can be fully restored to health when you arrive!
Kiro: You'll have Kiro and warm porridge when you open your eyes again.
Kiro: Sweet dreams and see you soon.
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