Just for You (Event): Overtime Valentine

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That year, Valentine's Day kinda snuck up on me.
The streets was overflowing with mirth and merriment.
Besides all the eye-catching red roses everywhere, all kinds of shops seemed to have promotions for this special day.
Despite the festive atmosphere, when I head out in the morning, I feel so envious of all the couples on the street.
Everything was wrapped in this colorful veneer, like a stained-glass window.
I feel helpless thinking about all the messages I'll get from my relatives asking about whether or not I have a boyfriend.
I put a scarf around my neck and headed to work. Today, overtime is a single girl's boyfriend.
The warm air in the office made me take off my coat quickly. I heard Willow and Kiki.
Kiki: ...What a day to be single.
Willow: It's just Valentine's Day. It's only popular because businesses want to sell things.
Kiki: Right! It must be a conspiracy started by the chocolate makers and the florists!
But even after venting, Kiki still started pouting.
Kiki: Why is there no one asking us out? it's like all the advertisements are laughing at me.
They walked out of the break room slowly. Kiki was shocked seeing me standing there.
Kiki: Boss?! What are you doing here?
MC: I'm here for solidarity. Let's go out for dinner when we're done with the work.
Kiki: Okay, okay!--Oh, no...
Kiki nodded excitedly, and then shook her head.
MC: What? Do you have a date tonight?
Willow: No, not her. You do.
MC: What? Me? Why didn't I know about this?
I was confused. Willow pointed at my office.
Willow: You just got in and haven't been to your office yet.
Willow: There're some surprises waiting for you.
I felt even more confused. What surprise could it be?
Is someone dressed like a clown going to jump out and scare me?
I pushed the door open cautiously and saw an exquisitely-packaged box on my desk.