Just for You (Event): Invitation

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Kiki reached over trying to read the card. Before I could put it aside, my phone rang.
It was from Gavin.
Gavin: Have you received the gift?
MC: Yes. I like it very much. It's beautiful and fragent.
Gavin: You saw the card too, right?
MC: Yes...
Gavin: I'm at your office building. Come downstairs.
MC: Now? Right now?
Gavin: Yes. Ahem... No hurry. You can take your time.
MC: Okay...
I hung up the phone. Kiki and Willow were smiling at me.
Kiki: It's officer Gavin, right? He acts fast! Did he ask you out?
I nodded, blushing.
Willow looked me over from head to toe and then shook her head when she got to my boots.
Willow: How could you dress like that for a date? It's Valentine's Day!
MC: ...Weren't you guys just saying Valentine's day is a corporate sham?
Willow: A sham to single people like us, yes. I have a pair of high heels at the office. You should wear them.
Willow ran out of the room and came back quickly with a shoe box.
It was a pair of elegant and cute, tan-colored high heels.
I changed my shoes. Willow and Kiki gave me a warm smile.
Kiki: Boss, you look so good in them!
Willow: I bet Gavin won't be able to contain himself.
I glared at Willow, took a deep breath, and then walked out of the office.