Just for You (Event)

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Type: Time Limited Shoot Event
Date: 2019/08/28 05:00 - 2019/09/03 23:59

Every day will be the same as today…


There are two parts to this event:

Part 1: Event-Limited Drops in City Stroll (08/26-09/01)

See also: Dialogue of Gavin's Event City Strolls
  • Complete Gavin City Strolls. City Strolls where Gavin appears in will reward:
  • During the event, there will also be new Gavin event-related City Strolls. These are differentiated by a Pink Gingko Leaf "Go" button instead of the normal Pink Airplane "Go" button.

Part 2: Just for You (Event) (08/28-09/03)

Points Rewards

Featured Karma

Time Limited Packs

Icon Name Contents Price (USD) Purchase Limit
File:Sweet Time Pack.png Sweet Time Pack $12.99 -
File:Sweet Mood Pack.png Sweet Mood Pack $4.99 5 per player


Stage Stage Name Type
1 Just for You (Event): Overtime Valentine Story
2 Just for You (Event): Gift Showing Mission
3 Just for You (Event): Valentine Gift Story
4 Just for You (Event): Feedback Mission
5 Just for You (Event): Date Prep Mission
6 Just for You (Event): Invitation Story