Intimacy (Event): Investigate Leo

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Minor: End of July to early August-- Leos in da hoouuse!~
Willow: Minor can you pipe down. I can't focus on my work with your racket!
MC: I don't need your "subtle" reminders. I'm quite aware when Gavin's birthday is.
Minor: Then do you have any good ideas?!
MC: No...
Minor: Aww, c'mon, Boss. Put some thought into it.
Willow: Quiet. You can tell from all the hair she has pulled out that she's putting thought into it.
As Minor so enthusiastically pointed out, Gavin's birthday was at the end of July.
In songs and movies, July is a month of azure blue skies and cool sea breezes.
But in reality, it's summer crowds, scorching heat waves, and the maddening chirping of cicadas.
MC: Although it's nice to go out when your birthday rolls around once a year...
MC: ...I think that Gavin wouldn't be too keen on fighting the crowds.
Willow: Places like the planetarium and aquarium are bound to be filled with screaming kids. No thank you.
Minor: Then how about getting out in nature? A little hiking, some swimming... Gavin loves the outdoors!
Willow: I bet he doesn't love it in the summertime though.
MC: I think we'd get heatstroke on the way out there.
Attacked on all sides, Minor backed off. The spirited discussion once again fell into silence.
Willow: To be honest, in July all anyone really wants to do is hang out indoors.
Willow's despairing words actually gave me a new idea.
My brain suddenly shifted from crowded public places to a cozy birthday celebration in Gavin's home.
MC: That's right! Just hang out indoors!
Minor: Boss, have you finally just totally given up on yourself?!
MC: There's no rule that you have to go out for your birthday. They can be at home!
Willow: True. Cook some food, sing happy birthday, play some games or whatever. That's fun too.
Minor: I'd leave out the cooking part, or have you forgotten that our boss isn't exactly...
MC: Isn't exactly what?!
Minor: Nothing, nothing! You're a total double-thread, Boss. You're a pro in the boardroom and the kitchen.
MC: I still have a whole month! I can totally organize the perfect at-home birthday!