Intimacy (Event): Don't Let Him Know

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After finally deciding on a gift for Gavin, I actually couldn't seem to get in touch with him.
Minor: Gavin definitely won't make plans with anyone else for his birthday, Boss! Don't you worry!
MC: I'm not worried about that. I'm just worried that he'll have a mission that day...
Minor: Boss, don't jinx it for Gavin!
MC: But he seems like he works non-stop year round...
Minor: Yeah... if it really doesn't work out, then just make it up when he gets back.
Minor: In the past, if I didn't force him to celebrate his birthday, he'd just act like it was nothing.
MC: Oh? I thought he was big on birthdays. He definitely remembered mine.
Minor: That's because it was yours, Boss! When has he not treated you more important than himself?
I had no response. Thinking back on all the times Gavin made time to help me, I felt all warm and fuzzy, and a little moved.
The phone on the table buzzed. Minor shook my shoulders in excitement.
Minor: Woah! It's Gavin! Boss, pick it up!
Still blushing, I ran off to the next room, took a few deep breaths, and answered the phone.
Gavin: Busy? You took a long time to answer...
MC: No, just attending to a small matter...
Gavin's voice sounded a little fatigued. It was easy to imagine how hard he'd been working.
Gavin: I just had some downtime, and I saw all those calls from you. Something wrong?
MC: No-- nothing wrong!
Gavin: That's good. I hear there's a cold front and rain coming. Dress warm. Don't wanna catch cold.
MC: Yeah, you take care of yourself too.
Gavin: Don't worry, I will.
Gavin: If there's nothing else, I guess I'll go?
MC: Wait! There is something!
Gavin: Oh?
I still hadn't thought of how to broach the subject, but I also didn't know when I'd be able to talk to him again, so I just came out and asked:
MC: When will you be back this time?
Gavin: I'll be back before next weekend, and I'll have a few days' break.
Gavin: Is there a show you need help with? Or somewhere you wanna go?
MC: It can wait until you get back. No rush.
Or so I said. Inside, I was dying in anticipation for next weekend to get here.