Intimacy (Event): A Klutz's Obsession

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When I decided to make Gavin a lavender sleep mask, I looked up some videos on how to make one.
But when I had my "finished product" in hand, I realized needlework was not as easy as I thought.
I knew Kiki and Willow would be no help, but thankfully I still had Anna, master of domestic arts.
For the past few days after work, Anna would switch gears and turn into my sewing instructor.
Anna: Watch carefully. When narrowing, you wanna keep the stitching hidden.
MC: Anna! Can you please go a little slower?!
Although I knew that I wasn't very talented at handicrafts...
...comparing Anna's effortless work to the mess I was making, it was hard not to lose my cool.
Just three days, I may have been at the narrowing stage, but this mask was far from being giftable.
The thought made me more anxious, and my wayward needle pricked my fingertip.
MC: Aaaah!
Anna: Calm down. I'll help you with this wound first.
In a few short days, just about all of my ten fingers had been wounded in action.
Despite this, I still wanted to get this gift made so I could give it to Gavin on his birthday.
Anna: Look carefully this time. Watch the tip of the needle and your fingers.
MC: Right!
There were some detours, but under Anna's patient tutelage, even I managed to make a passable mask.
MC: Wow! Anna, thank you! Next time dinner's on me, and you can't say no!
Anna: Alright, but wait till after you've got Officer Gavin's birthday feast sorted out.
MC: Not to worry, I plan on doing the cooking myself that day!
Anna: ...I'm suddenly a little worried for him.
MC: Anna, even you're doubting me now!?
Anna: Well, if that's what you've decided, then do your best.
Even I didn't have the utmost confidence in my cooking, but I still thought the best gift for Gavin was a day of leisure and rest.
I hope that Gavin can spend a nice, quiet day at home and have a relaxed, happy weekend.