Innocent Eyes (Event): Impromptu Visit

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This morning, before I even stepped into the office, I got a call from Savin.
My heart skipped a beat as I hurried to answer. Savin's voice blasted forth in extreme impatience.
Savin: MC! You have to help me with something!
MC: Oh? What is it?
Savin: We recently we made a deal to do a show with Loveland TV, the one about showing an idol's true side.
MC: Woah! That show's really popular, right? So what's the problem?
The aim of the show is showing an idol's true side, so every episode they find a different way to do a surprise interview. There's no script whatsoever.
Savin: For this episode, they're doing a livestream, and at the time Kiro won't know it's going out live.
MC: Oh? He won't know? Why not?
Savin: Because that's how they'll get the truest side of him. But that's not the important thing.
Savin: Kiro's livestream is tomorrow, but the original production crew ran into a big problem, so now we're in the lurch.
MC: Uh... and so?
Savin: And so that's where you come in, to take over production duties.
MC: What??! Are you kidding me?!
Savin: ...I know it's a big ask, but aside from you I can't find anyone more suited.
MC: But...
Savin: Don't worry, you just prepare what you need to do the livestream. I'll help set up the rest.
MC: ...Why would you book Kiro on such a terrifying show?
Savin: Terrifying? The buzz around this show is great, and I trust my boy Kiro will be absolutely fine.
Savin: Yikes! I gotta run to a meeting. I'm counting on you for tomorrow's livestream!
Without waiting for me to respond, Savin hung up on the phone.
Since this was about Kiro, I decided that I would plan out the livestream to perfection!