Innocent Eyes (Event): Anticipation

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After a whole day's work, I finally had a plan ready for tomorrow's impromptu livestream interview.
But the whole time I was thinking that "keeping Kiro in the dark" was kinda tricky, so after getting off work I gave Savin a call.
Savin: MC? What is it? If it's bad news, I don't wanna hear it!
MC: ...Pbbfff, it's not bad news. I just wanted to confirm, Kiro really won't know it's a livestream tomorrow?
Savin: He knows it's an impromptu interview visit.
MC: Nothing more...?
Savin: That's it.
Savin: It's a requirement in his contract, you see? Plus, he's busy rehearsing. Don't wanna distract him.
MC: So you really haven't prepared a script...?
Savin: No, really! About that, have you prepped the questions you're going to ask tomorrow?
MC: All prepped and ready. Want me to send you a copy to look over?
Savin: No need. I have complete confidence in Kiro and you both!
MC: ...
I've never seen such a trusting agent before in my life...
Savin: Oh! Don't be so nervous! Anyway, as long as you're there, Kiro will definitely be at his best.
MC: Huh?
Savin: Heh heh heh, I'll tell you what. I'll also give Kiro a little head's up.
MC: Well, alright. And I'll hold up my end, don't you worry!
After hanging up, I hesitated a second, then decided to send Kiro a text telling him his interviewer tomorrow would be me.
But up until I got off work, I still hadn't received a reply.
MC: I guess he really was busy rehearsing...
When I lifted my head, on an electronic billboard, Kiro's gigantic image loomed into my line of sight.
His smiling eyes were glowing with star light, twinkling with radiance.
Looking at the billboard, I was filled with anticipation for our special meeting tomorrow.