Hospital Date

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Summary[ ]

"Kiro's little fan got sick. Kiro realized his dream to meet Kiro before the surgery in a special way."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Kiro
  • Required Intimacy: 4

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

A young fan of Kiro's was hoping to hear from him before her surgery. While he didn't show up in person, he video-chatted with her and greatly buoyed the little girl's spirit.

Kiro promised to see the girl in person after her surgery. He treated his every fan with genuine sincerity, no wonder everyone adores him.

Kiro dropped in unexpectedly to make the erstwhile despondent girl smile at last. He and the children sang and drew together. It warmed my heart to see such congenial side of the superstar.

I helped Kiro out of the animal costume and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He must've spent a lot of time planning the surprise. He thought playing with kids really kept him grounded and made him happier.

Script[ ]


I dialed Kiro's number one night.
After a few moments, he finally picked up.
Kiro: What's up, Miss Chips?
Kiro: Luckily I just wrapped up filming, or I would have missed the call.
MC: Kiro, there's something I need your help with.
Kiro: Why? You sound a bit upset.

MC: I met a 7-year-old girl when recording a show at the children's hospital.
MC: She's a huge fan of yours and has tons of your records.
Kiro: Wow...
MC: But she's really sick, and she's going to get surgery next week.
MC: I know this might be asking for a lot, but if you have some time, she's love it if you visit her...
Kiro: I'm filming a drama, though... I won't be free for the next two weeks at least.
MC: Oh, then I guess that's that.
Kiro: Hey, wait! I have an idea, but I need your help...
I visited the little girl at the hospital the very next day after work/
On her file were the words "Stella, 7 years old, bone neoplasm".
Stella was lying on her bed, looking pale and lifeless.
She brightened visibly and sat up when I came in.
Stella: Why are you so late today?
MC: I was busy. Did you take your medicine?
Stella: I don't wanna...
MC: But how will you get better if you don't take your medicine?
Stella: (Rubbing the hem of her hospital gown) Medicine won't help my hair grow back though...
Due to the chemotherapy, Stella's lush raven hair had all fallen out.
She has to wear a beanie now, which is why she was in such low spirits.
MC: Stella, I've got a gift for you!
Stella: (Eyes wide) A gift? What gift?
I took out my phone and pressed play.
Kiro: Hello dear Stella! Kiro here.
Stella burst out screaming the moment Kiro appeared on the screen.
Stella: Wahhh! It's Kiro!
Kiro: I heard that you like my songs. I'm really glad!



Video[ ]