Heat Up (Event)

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Type: Time Limited Shoot Event
Date: 2019/10/10 05:00 - 2019/11/09 23:59

Whether I like it or not, as long as I promised you, I"ll do my best.


31-Day Event to Get Limited SSR 🔥Gavin: Heat Up🔥Releases on Oct 10th!

📸Event Duration: 05:00 Oct 10th - 23:59 Nov 9th(31 Days)

📸How to Get limited SSR [Gavin: Heat Up]?

1.Join Time-Ltd Shoot to get Karma Shards of SSR [Gavin: Heat Up] when you obtain certain [Gavin’s Photo] after mission clearance.

2.Go to [Karma] -> [Shards], to combine 80 Shards into a complete Karma.

📸Rich Rewards: Get 🎁Gold*700k, Stamina*4200, Gem*1440🎁 at most.

When you get certain [Gavin’s Photo], you can also claim tons of useful items.

📸New Feature Online to Free Producers from Grinding

Featured Karma

Four Bonus Events[edit]

Login for bonus Gavin's Photo x 200 05:00 Oct 10th - 23:59 Nov 9th You can receive a bonus mail in-game tom claim Gavin's Photo x 200
Once Only: Heat Up $0.99 05:00 Oct 10th - 23:59 Nov 9th Get Gavin's Photo x 240, Gem*50, Gold*20000
Get extra Gavin's Photo from Gem Consumption Rewards 05:00 Oct 10th - 23:59 Oct 14th Consume certain Gems to get lots of Gavin's Photo and other useful itens
Top Up to Get Bonus Gavin's Photo 05:00 Oct 10th - 23:59 Oct 14th Buy event-limited packs at Evol Supply to gain lots of Gems, Bond Wish an get Gavin's Photo as bonus

Consumption Gift[edit]

Total Consumption Rewards
Consume 300 Gems
Consume 800 Gems
Consume 1200 Gems
Consume 1200 Gems
Consume 1800 Gems
Consume 2600 Gems

Time Limited Packs[edit]

Icon Name Contents Price (USD) Purchase Limit
File:Outfit Ideas Pack.png Outfit Ideas Pack $1.99 5 per player
File:Exquisite Trimming Pack.png Exquisite Trimming Pack $4.99 5 per player
File:How-to-Pose Pack.png How-to-Pose Pack $14.99 3 per player


Stage Stage Name Type
1 Heat Up (Event): Unexpected Surprise Story
2 Heat Up (Event): Looking for Him Mission
3 Heat Up (Event): First Shooting Mission
4 Heat Up (Event): Hand of God Mission
5 Heat Up (Event): The Best Man Story