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The Heart Trial is a game mode unlocked after completing Chapter 5-3 in the Main Story. featuring 20 different levels by each Attribute for all characters which can be reset daily after 5:00 AM (UTC-8). Each level, a player must select up to three Strongest Character Karma with specific Attribute to beat the level.

Heart Trial rewards items which are used for Karma Ascension. Ascending and strengthening Karma will greatly increase Karma Attributes.

Mechanics[ ]

Heart Trial is divided into four trials: Lucien, Gavin, Victor and Kiro. Each trial has different opening times, as follows:

Monday Victor
Tuesday Kiro
Wednesday Victor
Thursday Lucien
Friday Victor
Saturday Lucien
Sunday All Open

Note that on Sunday the Received Rewards are doubled; it's the recommended day if you wish to progress through the Heart Trial Tree. Also note, the higher the Stage the slightly more items it drops (including the 119087.png Trial Stones), so maximize your rewards accordingly!

Each trial is either a Decision, Creativity, Affinity or Execution Test. Each test includes two Fate Events and the summon of 3 Karmas of the corresponding character.

  • A Fate Event is where you need to choose one of your corresponding character's Karma to match the required keyword. See: Footage for Fate keywords.
  • When you summon Karma for the corresponding man, try to select Karma that has a high attribute for the type of trial you're challenging.

Normally, challenging a Heart Trial stage costs a Heart Key. The first time you pass a Heart Trial stage, or if you fail, it will not cost Heart Key. Passing a Heart Trial stage for the first time will also grant a one-time 1st Pass Reward.

Tries[ ]

Every day after 5:00 AM (UTC-8), new 3 keys will refresh for free (unused keys do not roll over to the next day). You can also purchase more using Gems: 1 x 119072.png Heart Key per purchase and up to 6 purchases per day.

  • 50 Gems = 1 Heart Key (first purchase)
  • 100 Gems = 1 Heart Key (second purchase)
  • 150 Gems = 1 Heart Key (third purchase)
  • 200 Gems = 1 Heart Key (last three purchases)

Rewards[ ]

Heart Trial Rewards[ ]

Completing a stage for the first time will reward the player with one time extra Rewards used for Karma Ascension

Stage Clearance Rewards Stage Clearance Rewards
1-1 3-1
1-2 3-2
1-3 3-3
1-4 3-4
1-5 3-5
2-1 4-1
2-2 4-2
2-3 4-3
2-4 4-4
2-5 4-5

Heart Trial Store[ ]

Heart Trial Stages drop 119087.png Trial Stones. They're used as currency in the Heart Trial Store, to gain Items which are needed for Ascension. You can also obtain the Trial Stone in the Love Supply for 30C general jewel big.png Gems

Item Purchase Limit Trial Stone Cost
119050.png Emotion Stone 3 100
119052.png Low Decision 15 8
119056.png Low Creativity 15 8
119060.png Low Affinity 15 8
119064.png Low Execution 15 8
119053.png Mid Decision 15 10
119057.png Mid Creativity 15 10
119061.png Mid Affinity 15 10
119065.png Mid Execution 15 10
119054.png Adv Decision 15 12
119058.png Adv Creativity 15 12
119062.png Adv Affinity 15 12
119066.png Adv Execution 15 12
119055.png Epic Decision 15 15
119059.png Epic Creativity 15 15
119063.png Epic Affinity 15 15
119067.png Epic Execution 15 15