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Summary[ ]

"The video KIRO IS A COWARD became popular on social media. He took me to a place to prove his bravery in a special way."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Kiro
  • Required Intimacy: 4

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

The clip of a cowardly Kiro reaching into a box with his eyes closed made it online, and wouldn't you know it, it became the hottest viral.

The comments from fans greatly amused me. Then I got a call from Kiro, wanting to prove to me he was not a scaredy cat.

So he brought me to a haunted house! Although he was frightened out of his wits, he still tried to "protect" me. I didn't have the heart to break it to him. I mean, no one could stay calm at the prospect of possibly seeing a ghost, anyway.

I was still spooked from the haunted house that night. Got a call but it was silent on the other end. Had a feeling it might be Kiro but I wasn't sure. He laughed after I figured out it was him, and we talked for a long time. I wondered if he was terrified alone in his house too.

Video[ ]

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