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Goldman NH Karma: Top Assistant


Goldman works at LFG (Loveland Financial Group) as a personal assistant. He schedules and reschedules meetings for his boss and is the first person one sees before meeting with the boss. Goldman is Victor 's Personal Assistant.


Name Goldman
Occupation Victor's Personal Assistant
Evol Unknown


Goldman is a young-looking man. However, his age is never specified. Presumably, he's younger than Victor, which makes him at least younger than 28-years-old.

He has brown hair and brown eyes and is always seen wearing a set of spectacles.

The outfit he wears in the game never varies. It's always a blue striped suit with a pastel blue tie.


Beginning of the game[edit]

At the start of the game, Goldman comes across as annoyed and irritated, not wanting to waste the CEO's time with your requests. He doesn't want the Main Character to interact with his boss at all. He has an angry expression on his face.

Fairly quickly, he starts to get tired of putting up the act of being annoyed and just lets the MC walk in and out of the boss's office.

Around chapter 6 and on[edit]

There's not much interaction with Goldman in general. He never seems annoyed after a short while and the MC of the story seems to get friendlier with him after every encounter.

Social Media[edit]

Goldman also responds quite often to posts made on the "Moments" feature in the game. He responds fairly often on posts his boss or the MC makes.

He does however always seem to take his boss's side. Whether this is out of fear or support is never really clear.

"Can't make a certain CEO see my way. Grr!" - MC
"You did remember to block the CEO, right?" - Goldman
There are also incidents where Goldman replies to posts nothing to do with his boss, but this is very rare.



There's not much known about the background of Goldman. We can tell by one of the "Moments" however, that Goldman is a previous economics student.


Goldman is the very first character you face when starting the game. In this segment, that isn't replayable, he's facing you in an annoyed state asking you whether you want to sign a contract that gives you funding for the last episode of "Miracle Finder".

After you've chosen the option to sign the agreement you can pick your company name.


As the MC doesn't have much interaction with Goldman, there is no real character development with him. However, he and the MC seem to get friendlier after every encounter.

He's always the person Victor calls when he needs to reschedule an appointment. So, he's quite often mentioned by him.

Character card[edit]

In the Wish Tree you have a chance of obtaining the Goldman: Top Assistant card. This is an NH card.

The basic statistics of this Execution card are:

  • Decision: 51
  • Creativity: 53
  • Affinity: 1
  • Execution: 63