Go See Him Unlockables

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Unlocking the Suit costs 150001.png Time Coupon x788

Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
3001-180.png Default Unlocked by default KiroDefault1.png
3002-180.png Orange Homewear Reach Intimacy LV15 KiroHomewear-1.png
3003-180.png Swimsuit Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroSwimsuit.png
3004-180.png Exotic Prince Clothes Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroExoticPrince-1.png
3005-180.png Summer Shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroSummerShirt-1.png
3006-180.png Black Jacket Ascend KiroBlackJacket-1.png
3007-180.png Pink Shirt with Yellow Stripes Ascend KiroFlowerPoemShirt-1.png
3008-180.png Casual T-shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroCasualT-Shirt-1.png
3009-180.png Wedding Gown Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroWeddingGown-1.png
3010-180.png Attire Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroAttire-1.png
3011-180.png Costume: Black and White Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroCostumeB-W.png
3012-180.png Pink Casual Wear 2020 Kiro's Birthday Exclusive KiroPinkCasualWear.png
3013-180.png Striped Casual Wear Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroStripedCasual-1.png
3014-180.png Red and White Jacket Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroRedAndWhite.png
3016-180.png Cosmos T-shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroCosmosShirt.png
3017-180.png Black-edged Shirt Perfect Match Themed Event KiroBlack-edged.png
3018-180.png Khaki Suit Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroKhakiSuit.png
3027-180.png Gilded Suit Wonderland after Dark (Event) KiropunzelSuit.png
3019-180.png Long-sleeved T-shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 KiroLong-sleevedshirt.png
3021-180.png Bright Sweater House of Love (Event) KiroBrightSweater.png
3023-180.png Singer's Clothes: Black & Red Candy Party (Event) KiroSingersClothes.png
3024-180.png Sunlight Suspenders Candy Party (Event) KiroSunlightSuspenders.png
3020-180.png Exotic Wedding Outfit Candlelit Night (Event) KiroExoticWedding.png
3022-180.png BS Uniform Tomorrow's Endgame (Event) KiroUniform.png
3033-180.png Singer's Vest Banquet of Desert (Event) KiroSVest.png
3028-180.png Glaring Gown (Original) Total Top-Up Exclusive KiroGown.png
302802-180.png Glaring Gown Total Top-Up Exclusive KiroGown2.png
3025-180.png Street Coat Grey Beyond the Future (Event) KiroCoatGrey.png
3015-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3026-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3029-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3035-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3036-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3037-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3038-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3039-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3040-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3041-180.png Unreleased N/A -
3042-180.png Unreleased N/A -
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
4001-180.png Default Unlocked by default GavinDefault2.png
4002-180.png Casual Homewear Reach Intimacy LV15 GavinHomewear-1.png
4003-180.png Swimsuit Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinSwimsuit-1.png
4004-180.png Swordsman Clothes Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinSwordsman.png
4006-180.png Black T-shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinHeatUpShirt-1.png
4007-180.png White Shirt Ascend GavinPureWhiteOutfit-1.png
4008-180.png Military Uniform Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinMilitaryUniform-1.png
4009-180.png Wedding Gown Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinWeddingGown-1.png
4010-180.png Bandage Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinBandage-1.png
4011-180.png White Leisure Wear Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinWhiteLeisureWear-1.png
4012-180.png Uniform: Coat Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinUniformCoat-1.png
4014-180.png Shirt and Shorts Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinShirtsShorts-1.png
4015-180.png Black Jacket Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinBlackJacket-1.png
4017-180.png Casual Coat Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinCasualCoat.png
4018-180.png Tailored Casual Shirt 2020 Gavin's Birthday Exclusive GavinTailoredCasual-1.png
4019-180.png Suit Vest Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinSuitVest-1.png
4020-180.png Light-colored Coat Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinLightSuit.png
4021-180.png Dark Coat Where my Heart is Themed Event GavinDarkCoat-1.png
4029-180.png Castle Suit Wonderland after Dark (Event) GavinWereSuit.png
4023-180.png Striped Sweatshirt House of Love (Event) GavinStripedSweatshirt.png
4022-180.png Swordsman's Wedding Outfit Candlelit Night (Event) GavinSwordsmansWedding.png
4005-180.png Camo Jacket Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinCamoJacket.png
4013-180.png Uniform: Shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 GavinUniform.png
4027-180.png Motorcycle Suit Flawless Azure (Event) GavinMotorcycle.png
4028-180.png Flight Jacket Flawless Azure (Event) GavinFlightJacket.png
4024-180.png Commander Uniform Tomorrow's Endgame (Event) GavinCommander.png
4033-180.png Bandit's Outfit Banquet of Desert (Event) GavinBandit.png
4030-180.png Valiant Gown (Original) Total Top-Up Exclusive GavinGown.png
403002-180.png Valiant Gown Total Top-Up Exclusive GavinGown2.png
4025-180.png Special Ops Uniform Beyond the Future (Event) GavinOpsUni.png
4016-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4026-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4031-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4035-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4036-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4037-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4038-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4039-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4040-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4041-180.png Unreleased N/A -
4042-180.png Unreleased N/A -
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
2001-180.png Default Unlocked by default LucienDefault3.png
2002-180.png White Shirt Reach Intimacy LV15 LucienWhiteShirt-1.png
2003-180.png Swimsuit Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienSwimsuit.png
2004-180.png Confucian Scholar Clothes Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienConfucianScholar.png
2005-180.png Black Overcoat: Suit Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienBlackOvercoat.png
2006-180.png White Casual Wear Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienWhiteCasualWear-1.png
2007-180.png Grey Suit Ascend LucienGreySuit-1.png
2008-180.png Black Overcoat: Sweater Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienBlackOvercoatSweater.png
2009-180.png Black Overcoat: Shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienBlackOvercoatShirt-1.png
2010-180.png Wedding Gown Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienWeddingGown.png
2011-180.png Research Center Uniform Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienUniform.png
2012-180.png Dark Red Sweater Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienDarkRed-1.png
2013-180.png Grey Shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienGreyShirt.png
2015-180.png Black Overcoat: Formal Dress Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienFormalDress.png
2016-180.png Dark-colored Gown Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienDarkGown.png
2018-180.png White Night Robe 2020 Lucien's Birthday Exclusive LucienWhiteNightRobe.png
2025-180.png Snow Suit Wonderland after Dark (Event) LucienSnowSuit.png
2021-180.png Cotton Homewear Shadow Whispers Event LucienCottonHomewear.png
2017-180.png Light-colored Coat Reach Intimacy LV5 LucienLight-coloredCoat.png
2020-180.png Casual Pajamas House of Love (Event) LucienCasualPajamas.png
2019-180.png Scholar's Wedding Outfit Candlelit Night (Event) LucienScholarsWedding.png
2022-180.png Head Researcher Outfit Tomorrow's Endgame (Event) LucienHeadResearcher.png
2031-180.png Hermit Robe Banquet of Desert (Event) LucienRobe.png
2026-180.png Elegant Gown (Original) Total Top-Up Exclusive LucienGown.png
202602-180.png Elegant Gown Total Top-Up Exclusive LucienGown2.png
2023-180.png Head Consultant Uniform Beyond the Future (Event) LucienConsultant.png
2014-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2024-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2027-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2028-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2033-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2034-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2035-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2036-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2037-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2038-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2039-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2040-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2041-180.png Unreleased N/A -
2042-180.png Unreleased N/A -
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
1001-180.png Default Unlocked by default VictorDefault4.png
1002-180.png Suit Vest Reach Intimacy LV15 VictorSuit.png
1003-180.png Swimsuit Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorSwimsuit-1.png
1004-180.png General's Uniform Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorGeneralsUniform.png
1005-180.png Blue Casual Wear Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorBlue-1.png
1006-180.png White T-shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorWhite-1.png
1007-180.png Tailored Shirt Ascend VictorTailoredShirt-1.png
1008-180.png Black Shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorBlackShirt.png
1009-180.png Black Shirt: Straps Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorBlackStraps-1.png
1010-180.png Pajamas 2020 Victor's Birthday Exclusive VictorPajamas-1.png
1011-180.png Wedding Gown Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorWeddingGown.png
1012-180.png Black Shirt: Pure Color Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorBlackShirtPure.png
1014-180.png Gray Sweater Intoxicated Themed Event VictorGraySweater-1.png
1015-180.png Black Coat: Fur Collar Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorCoat-1.png
1013-180.png Burgundy Suit Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorBurgundySuit.png
1016-180.png Dark Grey Shirt Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorDarkGrey-1.png
1017-180.png Black Shirt: Single Stripe Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorSingleStripe-1.png
1020-180.png Striped Vest Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorStripedVest.png
1019-180.png Black Suit Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorBlackSuit.png
1021-180.png Black Coat: Vintage Reach Intimacy LV5 VictorVintageCoat.png
1029-180.png Rose Suit Wonderland after Dark (Event) VictorRoseSuit.png
1024-180.png Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite Romance Symphony (Event) VictorSleeveGarterShirt.png
1025-180.png Equestrian Clothing: Tame Romance Symphony (Event) VictorEquestrianClothingTame.png
1023-180.png Black Shirt - Early Spring Edition House of Love (Event) VictorEarlySpringEdition.png
1022-180.png General's Wedding Outfit Candlelit Night (Event) VictorGeneralsWedding.png
1026-180.png Time Master Outfit Tomorrow's Endgame (Event) VictorTimeMaster.png
1035-180.png The Lord's Gown Banquet of Desert (Event) VictorLordGown.png
1030-180.png Majestic Gown (Original) Total Top-Up Exclusive VictorMGown.png
103002-180.png Majestic Gown Total Top-Up Exclusive VictorMGown2.png
1027-180.png B. S. Boss Suit Beyond the Future (Event) VictorBossSuit.png
1018-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1028-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1031-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1032-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1033-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1037-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1038-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1039-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1040-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1041-180.png Unreleased N/A -
1042-180.png Unreleased N/A -
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
8001-180.png Default Unlocked by default ShawDefault5.png
8002-180.png Casual Shirt House of Love (Event) ShawCasualShirt.png
8004-180.png Black Leather Jacket Midsummer Sparks (Event) ShawLeatherJacket.png
8006-180.png Laser Jacket Midsummer Sparks (Event) ShawLaserJacket.png
8003-180.png Fashion Fun Jacket Beyond the Future (Event) ShawFunJacket.png
8005-180.png Unreleased N/A -
8007-180.png Unreleased N/A -
8009-180.png Unreleased N/A -
8010-180.png Unreleased N/A -
8011-180.png Unreleased N/A -
8012-180.png Unreleased N/A -
8013-180.png Unreleased N/A -

Background Scenes[edit]

Unlocking the Background costs 150001.png Time Coupon x298

Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
9031-1.png Default - DefaultAll.png
9090.png Cloud Terrace - CloudTerraceAll.png
1652-1.png Outside the Company: Night - OutsideNightAll.png
1791-1.png Old Town - OldTownAll.png
1722-1.png Terrace Square: Night - TerraceNightAll.png
1111-2.png Street - StreetAll.png
1741-1.png Woods - WoodsAll.png
1453-1.png Loveland University - LovelandUniAll.png
1601-1.png Brocade Park - BrokadeAll.png
1851-1.png Aquarium - LovelandAquariumAll.png
1201-1.png Riverside Avenue - RiversideAll.png
1921-1.png Under the Camphor Tree - CamphorAll.png
1581-1.png Convenience Store - ConvenienceAll.png
1311-1.png Super Market - SuperMarketAll.png
1661-1.png Flower Shop - FlowerShopAll.png
1343-1.png Lake Misty: Autumn - LakeAutumnAll.png
1122-1.png Morrow Way - MorrowWayAll.png
9053-1.png Exquisitorium - ExquisitoriumAll.png
2080-1.png Corridor - CorridorAll.png
9052-1.png Westmoon Street - WestmoonStreetAll.png
1481-1.png New Light Mall - NewLightMallAll.png
2242-1.png Garden - GardenAll.png
2311-1.png Restaurant - RestaurantAll.png
9062-1.png Amusement Park: Dusk - AmusementDuskAll.png
2331-1.png Study Room - StudyAll.png
9033-1.png Gallery - GalleryAll.png
2502-1.png Maple Grove - MapleAll.png
2011-1.png Top of TV Tower: Dusk - TVDuskAll.png
2321-1.png Living Room - LivingAll.png
2137-1.png Detective Agency - DetectiveAll.png
2210-1.png Ferris Wheel - FerrisAll.png
2351-1.png Balcony - BalconyAll.png
2252-1.png Old Town Street: Night - OldTownNightAll.png
2255-1.png Old Town Study Room - OldTownStudyAll.png
2254-1.png Old Town Pavilion - OldTownPavilionAll.png
2256-1.png Old Town Stage - OldTownStageAll.png
1352-1.png Beach: Dusk - BeachDuskAll.png
1353-1.png Beach: Night - BeachNightAll.png
2138-1.png Beach: Morning - BeachMorningAll.png
9061-1.png Amusement Park: Noon Top-Up Reward AmusementNoonAll.png
1354-1.png Seaside Path Top-Up Reward SeasidePathAll.png
1732.png Ballroom Filmmaking Event BallroomAll.png
1731.png Glass Hall Top-Up Reward GlassHallAll.png
1723-1.png Snow Plaza Top-Up Reward SnowPlazaAll.png
2505.png Decorated Street Top-Up Reward DecoratedStreetAll.png
5052.png Glamorous Dining Hall Total Top-Up Exclusive GlamorousDiningHallAll.png
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
1411-1.png Living Room KiLiving-1.png
1412-1.png Living Room: Midnight KiroLivingRoomMidnight-1.png
1413-1.png Living Room: Night KiroLivingNight-1.png
1631-1.png Gallery KiGallery-1.png
2391-1.png Practice Room KiPractice.png
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
1873-1.png Kitchen GaKitchen-1.png
1874-1.png Living Room GaLiving-1.png
1875-1.png Living Room: Dusk GaLivingDusk.png
1891-1.png Gym GaGym.png
2371-1.png Boxing Room GaBoxing.png
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
1701-1.png Office LuOffice-1.png
1711-1.png Study Room LuStudy-1.png
1712-1.png Study Room: Night LuStudyNight-1.png
1691-1.png Laboratory


2381-1.png Art Studio LuArt-1.png
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
1421-1.png Office ViOffice-1.png
1423-1.png Living Room ViLiving-1.png
1424-1.png Living Room: Night VictorLivingRoomNight-1.png
1429-1.png Attic ViAttic-1.png
2301-1.png Wine Cellar ViWine.png
Icon Name Unlock Requirement Full Image
Work Studio.png Work Studio ShawWorkStudio.png
1372.png Street Corner ShawStreetCorner.png


Unlocking the Voice costs 150001.png Time Coupon x58

Name Unlock Requirement Sentence
Daily I
I wont let you run away this time.
Summer Vow I
You are the most precious treasure I have ever found.
Summer Vow II
My most cherished childhood memory is the story about you.
DazzleThought I
The sea must have received our mutual regards. Did you hear that? It's saying that "you will be together forever and ever."
DazzleThought II
We can go see the ocean every season. With you around, the scenery must be different in each season.
Evening Glow I
I'm going to make a long movie of my time with you.
Flower Poem I
You are the only guest in my garden.
Snow Light I
Do you know what today is? Today is... the day I like you more than yesterday.
Knowing My Love I
The perfect wedding... I wish that day could come earlier.
Visage I
It's okay. You will make it... because it's YOU.
Visage II
I may not be able to solve all your problems, but I can be with you to face them.
OneStepAway I
  • Obtain [Costume: Black and White]
  • Intimacy LV5

If I suddenly show up in front of Miss Chips, it must be because I miss you so much.
My Heart I
I will become a better version of myself for you.
SpringSonata I
  • Obtain [Striped Casual Wear]
  • Intimacy LV10

My biggest wish has come true.
SpringSonata II
  • Obtain [Striped Casual Wear]
  • Intimacy LV5

Sixteen-year-old Kiro also wants to say hello to you.
WhiskYouAway I
  • Obtain [Red and White Jacket]
  • Intimacy LV10

Will you always look at me like this no matter what?
WhiskYouAway II
  • Obtain [Red and White Jacket]
  • Intimacy LV5

Don't go back on your promise to go to those places with me.
Starry Sky I
All my good luck and happiness is because of you.
Starry Sky II
I feel weird when I see you talk to other people... Do you think I'm jealous?
Sweetness I * Obtain [Khaki Suit]
On this special day, I want to keep the best memories only for you and me.
Gorgeous Lights I
  • Obtain [Long-sleeved T-shirt]
  • Intimacy LV5

There's an angel in front of you who needs extra attention...
Intertwined Hearts I
  • Obtain [Bright Sweater]

I’ve thought about it for a while. You must be a gift for me from the universe. I’m going to unwrap this gift slowly, bit by bit.
Intertwined Hearts II
You can be happy on your own, but being with someone can double that happiness!
Intertwined Hearts III
Being caressed by someone you love feels reassuring and magical.
Intertwined Hearts IV
I’m always ready to be your gift.
Poetry and Wine I
  • Obtain [Exotic Wedding Outfit]

No matter how many beauties surround me, you will always be my only choice.
Poetry and Wine II
  • Obtain [Exotic Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV5

Look at these hands. They're clearly made to hold you.
Poetry and Wine III
  • Obtain [Exotic Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV10

We have to treasure such a beautiful moment, don't we?
Poetry and Wine IV
  • Obtain [Exotic Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV15

From now on, you lead and I'll follow!
Singer's Clothes I
  • Obtain [Singer's Clothes: Black & Red]
  • Intimacy LV5

This is a brand new Kiro, be sure to watch my performance.
Suspenders I
  • Obtain [Sunlight Suspenders]
  • Intimacy LV5

I found another place I want to visit. Wanna go with me?
2021 Anniversary
Miss Chips, how should we celebrate our anniversary? I think... we should eat every flavor of potato chip!
2020 Dragon Boat Festival
Apple candy pancake or soda pancake. Which one do you prefer, Miss Chips?
2020 Halloween
Let's set some ground rules- tricks are fine, treats are fine, but ghost stories are DEFINITELY NOT FINE!!
2020 Christmas
Miss Chips! Close your eyes, so my gift can softly land on your lips!
Name Unlock Requirement Sentence
Daily I
Do you want to go out for a walk with me? The starry sky is beautiful tonight.
Heat Up I
Our shared past, lets us have a better future.
Heat Up II
Do you want to go for a ride? Your helmet is always been in Sparky's trunk.
Sea Wind I
I come to you because I am sure that you are right ahead of me.
Sea Wind II
I can hear your voice even if it's thousands of miles away.
Sea Wind III
I try to remember everything my girl likes.
Pure White I
Even in our old age, I will always be by your side. Nothing will ever stop me.
Imprison You I
I can't help smiling when I think of you.
Gift of Life I
I'm always ready to create our future together.
Hot-Blooded I
I will not only protect myself, but I will also protect you.
Hot-Blooded II
I'll pack you up and carry you away.
Breeze of YTD I
  • Obtain [White Leisure Wear]
  • Intimacy LV5

I don't remember much about the past, except for the memories related to you.
Endless Abyss I
No one's life can be easily destroyed.
Endless Abyss II
No matter what we face in the future, I will be with you til the end.
Trace of Wind I
I always remember how you looked in your school uniform.
Trace of Wind II
With your paper plane guiding the direction, I'll never get lost.
Summer Love I
You can be honest with me.
Summer Love II
I can smell sunshine and sea breeze whenever you're around...
Starstruck I
I won't let you go.
DreamTraveler I
You can be whoever you want to be.
DreamTraveler II
Thank you for leading me to the answer.
My Hero I
I want to tell everyone that you're mine.
My Hero II
You can just look at me instead of anyone else.
South Wind I
  • Obtain [Light-colored Coat]
  • Intimacy LV5

Am I blushing? Ahem, it's too hot.
Halo Secrets I
  • Obtain [Striped Sweatshirt]

I feel safe with you around.
Halo Secrets II
  • Obtain [Striped Sweatshirt]
  • Intimacy LV5

Sparky said he wants to take a stroll. You wanna come along?
Halo Secrets III
  • Obtain [Striped Sweatshirt]
  • Intimacy LV10

Oops, just fell asleep. Oh, when did you come here?
Halo Secrets IV
  • Obtain [Striped Sweatshirt]
  • Intimacy LV15

The lip balm you gifted me... uh, I'll use it once in a while.
Splendid Glimpse I
  • Obtain [Swordsman's Wedding Outfit]

This silk ball is for you and you only.
Splendid Glimpse II
  • Obtain [Swordsman's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV5

Do you want me to come closer?
Splendid Glimpse III
  • Obtain [Swordsman's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV10

I will... take good care of that photo.
Splendid Glimpse IV
  • Obtain [Swordsman's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV15

There's a sequel? If I'm with you, then yes.
Motorcycle Suit I
Flight Jacket I
2021 Anniversary
This is the most important day of my life. Because on this day, I found the girl I want to cherish forever.
2020 Dragon Boat Festival
I heard that girls are supposed to wear pomegranate flowers in their hair today, do you want to give it a try?
2020 Halloween
Aren't you going as a Mummy this year? I found some old bandages at home you can use.
2020 Christmas
I'm also curious about the Christmas night sky. Explore it with me, okay?
Name Unlock Requirement Sentence
Daily I
I wonder how you slept last night as I appeared in your dream.
Blossoms I
  • Obtain [Black Overcoat: Suit]
  • Intimacy LV10

It turns out that you are the reason why my heart beats.
Blossoms II
  • Obtain [Black Overcoat: Suit]
  • Intimacy LV5

Those beautiful things are perhaps the colors you painted on me.
Promise I
Even if I leave. Your warmth will stay with me.
Promise II
Go ahead. Don't be afraid. I'm right here by your side.
Rainy Night I
Just let me leave some of myself with you.
Golden Days I
Your voice will always reverberate through my heart.
DN Fireworks I
  • Obtain [Black Overcoat: Sweater]
  • Intimacy LV5

I will always care about every little thing related to you.
Polar Night I
  • Obtain [Black Overcoat: Shirt]
  • Intimacy LV10

You have always been the bravest girl I've ever known.
Polar Night II
  • Obtain [Black Overcoat: Shirt]
  • Intimacy LV5

Even when you're not around, everything reminds me of you.
LIF Promise I
Remember, only I can raise your veil.
Memory Lapse I
  • Obtain [Research Center Uniform]
  • Intimacy LV10

When the story comes to an end, will you still choose me?
Memory Lapse II
  • Obtain [Research Center Uniform]
  • Intimacy LV5

Your existence will always add beauty to the ordinary things.
AUT Whisper I
Have you decided on the gift you want to give to me?
AUT Whisper II
A lot of gifts actually represent a part of the person who sent them.
SOSilence I
"No one can foresee which day is blessed."
SOSilence II
Would you like me to be with you at the next stage of your life?
DrowningLove I
  • Obtain [Black Overcoat: Formal Dress]
  • Intimacy LV10

Feelings can induce people into a trap. Now... you still have time to escape.
DrowningLove II
  • Obtain [Black Overcoat: Formal Dress]
  • Intimacy LV5

You are my bottom line and no one can break that.
Lovesickness I
I'm waiting only for you.
Law of Gravity I
  • Obtain [Light-colored Coat]
  • Intimacy LV5

Because of you, everything has become extremely precious.
Misty Affection I * Obtain [White Night Robe]
I don't know everything, at least not everything about you.
Daylight Shearing I
  • Obtain [Casual Pajamas]

Will you stay by my side to witness every sunrise and sunset for the rest of my life?
Daylight Shearing II
Come and take a break, it'll improve your work efficiency.
Daylight Shearing III
I feel much more relaxed with you around.
Daylight Shearing IV
You can stay here for as long as you like.
CottonHomewear I
The happy birthday song you sang for me... is my most cherished song this year.
Bound by Love I
  • Obtain [Scholar's Wedding Outfit]

Once I put on these clothes, I won't want to take them off.
Bound by Love II
  • Obtain [Scholar's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV5

No matter how far apart we are, the red thread will always lead me back to you.
Bound by Love III
  • Obtain [Scholar's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV10

Sometimes life is like cooking red beans. You have to wait patiently before you can taste the sweetness.
Bound by Love IV
  • Obtain [Scholar's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV15

Can you teach me how to weave a rope bracelet? I want us to wear matching ones.
2021 Anniversary
It's interesting to look back at anniversaries... It's the day I met the person who changed my life.
2020 Dragon Boat Festival
You smell great and your dress looks gorgeous... Did you know that this is also one of the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival?
2020 Halloween
The neighborhood kids who stopped by asking for treats just took quite a few. Don't worry though, I've kept your share.
2020 Christmas
Be patient. What you're expecting... let's save it for tonight.
Name Unlock Requirement Sentence
Daily I
Well done this time, so you can have a wish fulfilled.
Instant I
You are who you are and I am proud of you.
Loving Stare I
  • Obtain [Black Shirt: Pure Color]
  • Intimacy LV10

With me around, you don't have to worry about unnecessary things.
Loving Stare II
  • Obtain [Black Shirt: Pure Color]
  • Intimacy LV5

You can just watch if you want. Don't sneak around next time.
GentleConfront I
Don't worry even if the world's going to end. I will always be with you.
GentleConfront II
Dummy, I won't let go.
Breathless I
Next time, no matter whether you do it on purpose or not, there will be a price to be paid.
Breathless II
I can teach you everything you want to learn.
Heartbeat I
I won't make the same mistake twice.
Heartbeat II
There's only one thing...that I'm afraid of from the beginning to the end.
The Maze I
You, though a dummy, are actually better than the scenery.
Falling Into You I
  • Obtain [Black Shirt: Straps]
  • Intimacy LV5

From the beginning to the end, there's only one person that I firmly believe in.
Vow of Love I
Rather than being loathe to part with this ring, it's better to look forward to the formal one later.
HittingHeart I
I have never regretted my investment in you.
HittingHeart II
Even though they're all weird things... I have received your regards.
Infatuation I * Obtain [Black Coat: Fur Collar]
You are running too fast. Aren't you afraid of catching a cold?
Infatuation II
  • Obtain [Black Coat: Fur Collar]
  • Intimacy LV5

Would it be so hard to say that you want to celebrate the holiday with me?
Only Tonight I
If you still want to keep going, just go ahead boldly.
Only Tonight II
You don't need to worry so much. Leave the rest to me.
Deep Space I * Obtain [Dark Grey Shirt]
Your efforts should be made to become the best you can be, not become what others think you should.
Deep Space II
There have been various options out there, but I chose you.
Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite I
  • Obtain [Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite]

A proposal for a cup of coffee. It was your idea. Regret it now?
Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite II
  • Obtain [Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite]
  • Intimacy LV5

You’re finally starting work?
Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite III
  • Obtain [Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite]
  • Intimacy LV10

You didn’t forget about the meeting tomorrow, did you? I’ll pick you up.
Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite IV
  • Obtain [Sleeve Garter Shirt: Exquisite]
  • Intimacy LV15

You’re waiting for me? Stay quiet then.
Marauder I
  • Obtain [Black Shirt: Single Stripe]
  • Intimacy LV10

I can't even stop worrying about you for a second.
Marauder II
  • Obtain [Black Shirt: Single Stripe]
  • Intimacy LV5

Is it so hard to be obedient for once?
Buy I
I know you can do it, and you've never failed me.
Buy II
It seems that in a dummy's dictionary, there's no such phrase as "giving up."
Tuberose I
  • Obtain [Black Coat: Vintage]
  • Intimacy LV5

I won't do anything to hurt you. Now or in the future.
Tipsy Dream I
  • Obtain [Black Shirt - Early Spring Edition]

You can start thinking about the next “reward”.
Tipsy Dream II
  • Obtain [Black Shirt - Early Spring Edition]
  • Intimacy LV5

Whatever you want to do, just tell me.
Tipsy Dream III
  • Obtain [Black Shirt - Early Spring Edition]
  • Intimacy LV10

Someone is getting bold. No need to feign sleep now?
Tipsy Dream IV
  • Obtain [Black Shirt - Early Spring Edition]
  • Intimacy LV15

All you need to do is relax and enjoy.
Equestrian Clothing I
  • Obtain [Equestrian Clothing: Tame]

Put away your excessive curiousity. Hold tight.
Equestrian Clothing II
  • Obtain [Equestrian Clothing: Tame]
  • Intimacy LV5

Looks like your "empty talk" isn't completely useless.
Equestrian Clothing III
  • Obtain [Equestrian Clothing: Tame]
  • Intimacy LV10

Are you scared now? Didn't you want to play a game with me?
Equestrian Clothing IV
  • Obtain [Equestrian Clothing: Tame]
  • Intimacy LV15

Want to ride with me? It's the last lap anyway... Come on.
Taste of Life I
  • Obtain [General's Wedding Outfit]

Sounds like you're looking forward to the next wedding, aren't you?
Taste of Life II
  • Obtain [General's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV5

I will never leave your side for the rest of my life.
Taste of Life III
  • Obtain [General's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV10

I still owe you a plate of osmanthus cakes. I'll give them to you next autumn.
Taste of Life IV
  • Obtain [General's Wedding Outfit]
  • Intimacy LV15

We've already bowed to Heaven and Earth. What more do you want?
2021 Anniversary
As long as you don't find it pointless, I'll celebrate every future anniversary with you. I give you my word.
2020 Dragon Boat Festival
Someone is always happy during the holidays, smiling so big.
2020 Halloween
...! I'm not scared, merely amazed by your childish behavior.
2020 Christmas
Even blindfolded, I can still picture you making a wish in front of the Christmas tree.
Name Unlock Requirement Sentence
Somewhere Silent I
  • Obtain [Casual Shirt]

Do what my heart desires. That's my motto.
Somewhere Silent II
Come closer. Don't back away from me.
Somewhere Silent III
I still owe you candy. How can I forget that?
Somewhere Silent IV
Do you want to know more about me? I'll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours.
Black Leather Jacket I
  • Obtain [Black Leather Jacket]

How many times have I told you to stand in the first row in my shows?
Laser Jacket I
  • Obtain [Laser Jacket]

It's a nice day today. Why don't you bring the skateboard and go for a ride with me?
2021 Anniversary
Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not interested in anniversaries or anything like that. But I am a little interested in you.
2020 Dragon Boat Festival
Come on, I'll bring you to the dragon boat race.
2020 Halloween
Where have you been? I got some tickets to the best horror movie of the year.
2020 Christmas
Did Santa forget you this year? I suppose I can be your Santa, but only for today.


You can set any song you own as Home Screen and/or Go See Him BGM. For each character you can individually choose one to play. Music specific for a character, can't be select for other characters.
Unlocking the Background Music costs 150001.png Time Coupon x98 or x49

Name Character Track
Loveland All
1001 Nights All
Dark Curtain All
Silent Confession All
Rosy Mirror All
With you All
Together All
Velvet Sun All
Love and Echo All
Undercurrent All
Love and Vision All
End of Abyss All
Darkest Moment All
Darkness Returns All
Clear Day All
White Night Fireworks All
Decision All
Long Dream All
Night Tide All
Wonderland After Dark All
Love Everlasting All
Candlelit Night All
If Time Flows Back All
Banquet of Desert All
Honey and Flower Kiro
Sweet Accomplice Kiro
Singing for you Kiro
Dynamic Planet Gavin
Blue Temperature Gavin
Starry Night Gavin
Beyond Imagination Lucien
Dark Night Fireworks Lucien
Affectionate Scene Lucien
Tipsy Lullaby Victor
Time Victor
Exchange Secrets Victor
Love Song All
Silent Parting All
Shining Future All
Behind the Curtain All
Night Chant All
Tracks of Light All
Echoes of Fate All
Homecoming All
Infinite Future All
Daybreak All
The Darkest Hour All