Gavin SMS: Love Returns

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General Info[ ]

Character: Gavin



How to get: Love Returns (Event)


Gavin: Are you still busy?
Gavin: How was the shooting?
Gavin: Don't push yourself too hard.
Gavin: Your work's finished? I saw the trailer of your show.
Gavin: Looking forward to it.
Gavin: It's going to rain these few days over there.
Gavin: Don't catch a cold.
Gavin: I found a four—leaf clover today.
Gavin: I remember you mentioning that you're not quite lucky these days?
Gavin: It'll bring you good luck. I'm keeping it until you come back.
Gavin: I just found a nice place
Gavin: Decorated with all sorts of wind chimes.
Gavin: It must sound beautiful when the wind blows.
Gavin: Can I bring you there when you finish your work?
Gavin: Have you... been well?
Gavin: The shooting hasn't ended yet?
Gavin: Can I come and see you?
Gavin: No particular reasons.
Gavin: It's just...
Gavin: I miss you.
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