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General Info[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

  • Friends and you are sorted by the Total Karma Strength
  • The ranking doesn't affect anything
  • You can't take back send Friend Requests, they don't expire
  • You can send a Friend Request to the same person multiple times, but it won't matter
  • There is a timer below every Friend which shows when they were last logged into the game, so you can safely Delete an inactive Friend who doesn't contribute to your Daily Friend Stamina.

What to do I need Friends for?[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

  • Provided you have managed to find 20 Friends, it's 40 extra C general power big.png Stamina per day
  • one of the Daily Quests reward you with a small amount of C general gold big.png Gold, Company Exp and Activeness. Sou you need at least 3 Friends to greet.
  • Some Events require you to have at least 10 Friends and send them Stamina by greeting them.
  • For fun, observe how well you do with collecting Karma in comparison to others.
  • Show off your Karma in your profile picture or in the Karma Album

How do I get Friends?[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

You can get up to 99 Friends into your list. To add any, simply click on the 'Find Friends' Button on the top right corner of the Friends screen. It shows 6 random people at a time and refreshes every time you log in.

You can refresh the List every 60 seconds and send requests. It's up to them to accept or ignore it. You won't notice should they decline.

You can also send requests to the people you find in the Box Office Contest by clicking oh the 'Heart' Icon on the top right corner of they Avatar Picture. Or try your luck with the people in the TOP 20 of the Box Office Rankings, Server Karma Strength, or the Rankings in some time limited Events.

There is also an ongoing Friend Request Megathread open for a whole Month on Reddit

To add a Friend, copy their Id and enter it into the 'Search' field, you can examine the person found, before actually sending them a Request, just as if she would have been in your randomly generated list.

Delete a Friend[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

To delete a Friend simply click on his 'Heart' Button on the top right corner of this avatar. There is a Trash Bin on the right of her Info Screen.

Claim All[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

You can claim Stamina send by your friends through 'Claim All' from max. 20 people per day.
By clicking 'Send Stamina' (each Red Heart Button on the right) your Friend will receive 2 Stamina, don't worry it won't deplete your own Stamina. It's a mutual benefit for both sides.
By activating 'Receive&Return' the 20 Friends which have send you Stamina will automatically receive some back, so you don't have to manually go through the Friend list.
It's still recommended to go through your whole Friend list and send everyone some Stamina, this way it's guaranteed that you will get enough yourself in return.

Karma Album[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

You can choose up to 4 Karma on the 'Home' Button of your Avatar in the lower left corner of the screen.
There is also a possibility to write a short greeting message, your current feelings, mood etc.
It's possible to change them anytime for free.

You can also observe your current 'Total Strength' which is determined by the amount of all Karma in your possesion, they LVL, Star Up, Evolve and Ascend Status. As well your Company strength.

'Karma Owned' is the percentage towards all Karmas currently released in the game.

'Achieved' displays your progress from the Achievements screen.

You can also see the complete Karma Album of all other People in your Friend List, in the Box Office, or in Ranking Lists.

Enable/Disabled Button[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

It's actually confusing, because as soon as you click 'Enable' it disables all greetings you can receive.
As soon as you click 'Disabled' it will return to normal.

What is it for? I dunno. Maybe to show that you're in vacation and don't want to waste your friends greetings, since you can't return them for a given time.

Application[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Don't forget to checkout the Application Tab periodically, it shows the list of people trying to be friends with you. It's hidden behind the 'Find Friends' Button. You can also safely decline, should they not meet your criteria - they won't notice.
Be careful, as soon as you decline you can't undo it, but if you accept you can delete the Friend anytime.

As soon as you reach the threshold of 99 Friends, you won't get any more applications since they're automatically blocked by the system! So should you want for anyone else to apply, try to keep at least one spot open.