Four Seasons with You Event

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Four Seasons with You Event Promo Banner.jpg

Type: Time Limited Wish Tree Event
Date: Sept. 13, 2019 - Sept. 25, 2019

🌸 🌻 🍁 ❄️Throughout four seasons of the year…

Have you ever thought of traveling with him?

Every season, every journey, I wish to be with you.

Details[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

  • 4 New SSR Available at Wish Tree&its Redeem Store PERMANENTLY

Apart from trying to pull out these 4 SSR at Gem pool, you can also use Heart Flower to redeem these 4 new SSR Karma at Wish Tree Store.

  • Time-Limited Odds UP at Wish Tree

From Sep 13th 05:00 to Sep 25th 23:59(Server Time: GMT/UTC-8), odds to get these 4 SSR Karma at Wish Tree is higher than after the event.

  • Event Packs ON SALE at Evol Supply

🌠Special Offer for Galaxy Wish Coupon:

※ Seasonal $0.99(Purchase Limit: 1 time only):

Gem*50, Galaxy Wish Coupon*1, Gold*10000

※ Wish Promise Pack:

Galaxy Wish Coupon*12, Confess Wish*15, Gold*80000

※ Deluxe Wish Promise Pack:

Galaxy Wish Coupon*25, Confess Wish*30, Gold*120000

※ 5-Day Pack(Purchase Limit: 2 times):

Get Gem*310 instantly & claim Galaxy Wish Coupon*1 daily for 5 days.

🌠Special offer for EXP Items:

※ You can use Gem*688 to purchase 5-Day Pack(Purchase Limit: 4 times) and get Confess Wish*18 instantly & claim Confess Wish*10 daily for 5 days.

Featured Karma