Footage (Victor): 6-7

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 6-7 (Story)



On the way back from the suburbs, Victor's car broke down.
Unfortunately, it started to rain heavily. We were trapped in the car.
Victor: Sit tight.
Victor then ran out into the rain, popped the hood, and checked the engine.
MC: (Lowering the window) How is it?
Victor was soaking wet. He looked over the engine for a few seconds, then put down the cover and came back.
Victor: The engine's shot. We'll have to call a tow truck.
He dialed as he spoke. The rain dripped from his hair and cheeks.
MC: You're all wet. Hurry and take off your coat or you'll get sick.
Victor took off his coat and threw it in the back seat. His black shirt underneath was also soaked with rain.
He started to undo his shirt buttons. I felt embarrassed and quickly looked away.
Victor frowned while looking at me.
MC: I, I didn't see anything ...
The car was absolutely silent for a while. Then Victor cleared his throat to break the silence.
Victor: All done.
I turned back around. Victor had changed into a new black shirt.
There were still some raindrops clinging to his hair.
MC: Tissue...?
I took out the tissue in my bag and handed it to him. I happened to look right into his eyes.
Time paused for a moment. He then hurriedly looked away.
Victor: Thank you.
There was a delicate tension in the car. The sound of heavy rain outside was so loud, it made the car even more quiet.
Victor: Do you want some music?
Victor turned on the radio. A soft melody flowed through the air.
We sat in the car saying nothing, but we didn't feel awkward at all. It was a comfortable, pleasant feeling.
I have never had such a good time with Victor like this. I wish that time would go slower.


With permission from Moonchild