Footage (Victor): 6-1

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 6-1 (Story)



Today, I'm going to film a public service ad about LFG. Victor will take part in person.
I got to the set early to prepare for the shoot.
I saw Victor walking toward me. He looked refreshing and casual without his suit and usual business attire.
MC: Good morning. You look different today.
Victor: What's different?
I purposefully ignored this and said nothing.
MC: (Trying not to laugh) Please wait here for a moment. I need to talk to the cameraman.
Victor frowned, seemingly dissatisfied with my brushing him off. He hesitated and said.
Victor: Alright. You're the boss here.
Looking at Victor walking away obediently to wait, my heart burst with laughter.
From the camera, I saw Victor casually chatting with one of the child actors.
The little boy made a face at Victor. To my suprise, Victor then made an even more ridiculous face back.
I rubbed my eyes. I couldn't believe it. Is that the same proud man I know?
Victor turned to the camera. I looked away hurriedly.
Victor like this is... so different.


With permission from Moonchild