Footage (Victor): 5-7

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Footage (Victor) Stage: 5-7 (Story)



After dinner, I walked with Victor out of the restaurant.
MC: Thank you for the dinner. You don't have to give me a lift home today. We're close to my house. I can walk.
Victor glanced at me and gave a gesture to the driver. The car left.
Victor: I'd like to take a walk, too.
A cool night breeze blew as I walked next to Victor.
Seeing me trembling, Victor took off his coat and handed it to me.
Victor: Put it on.
MC: It's okay.
Victor: No need to act tough now.
I took a look at Victor and put on the coat obediently.
A little girl selling flowers came over to us.
Little Girl: Sir, would you like to buy some flowers for the lady? She is so beautiful. Buy some for her, will you?
Victor seemed unmoved and continued to walk forward.
The little girl followed along.
Little Girl: Sir, would you buy some flowers?
Victor stopped and glanced at the little girl. Her thin little body was shivering in the cold wind.
Victor: (Taking out money) I'll buy them all.
The little girl handed over the basket of flowers to Victor excitedly.
He then gave it to me.
MC: Thank you.
Victor: I only bought them so she'd go away.
MC: I was thanking you for helping her.
Victor: Alright.
The warm coat, flowers, and the fact that Victor has let his guard down a bit makes him much more adorable tonight.


With permission from Moonchild